Friday, March 13, 2015

The Three Guys Named Jesus

Empress Trudy 

In a famous experiment recounted in the book “The Three Christs of Ypsilanti”, Milton Rokeach took 3 men each suffering from delusions that he was Jesus Christ and had them live together in the hope it would highlight any insight as to how if all of them believed they were Jesus then they might come to the conclusion that they were mentally ill in some way. What he discovered, and this goes straight to the heart of schizophrenic paranoid delusions, is that each man continued to believe he was Jesus Christ and the other two were dead, insane, or operated by robots.

Such is the nature of anti-Semitism at its core. It is a paranoid delusion impervious to facts, argument or reality. It is beyond truth and reason. For every piece of evidence, counter argument or logically argued item, the Jew haters response is the same – it’s a lie, a fabrication, it doesn’t matter, the Jews made that up, the Jews are behind it, the Jews are persecuting someone or is simply ignored.
We’ve been accused today of forming and running ISIS by Hezbollah and of having created Hezbollah, by Hamas and having created Hamas by European liberals. In the past Jews were branded with the accusation of being behind Bolshevism, capitalism, fascism, Marxism, all wars, all banking, The Great Depression, WW2, the Holocaust, communists, anti communists, colonialism, slavery, the GOP, the Democratic party, the Arab Spring, the anti Arab spring, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian Army opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood, the US government and of course all mainstream media.

The EU wants to mount a trade war against Israel for employing Arabs in Yesha and wants to mount a trade war against Israel for employing Arabs in Negev instead.  Netanyahu is a war criminal but he’s even more moderate than Rabin who’s the liberal’s hero.  The only Israeli leaders ever able to bang out an agreement with the Arabs with US cooperation were very far right wing and the only Israeli leaders the US has ever threaten with war or worse were far left socialists and near-communists.

In the US 2 out 3 Jews adheres to the political party which has been hijacked by fascists, Nazis, Arab exterminationists, Persian Jew hating apocalyptic maniacs and a progressive wing that’s proud of admitting it gives money and material support to groups who openly call for the mass murder of Jews worldwide. And they call themselves the ‘liberals’.

But were you to waste your time pointing out the flaw in their belief, the actual facts on the ground as it were, their response is universally ‘why are you evil Jews trying to brainwash me?’

It’s paranoid schizophrenia any way you look at it. It is delusional belief in the face of overwhelming reasons to the contrary. In any other venue it would be easy to spot. There is no Laplander conspiracy to conquer the world. Fluoridation of water really isn’t a communist plot. You haven’t been abducted by aliens and there’s no implanted chip in your head. Jesus didn’t have a wife, 2 kids and a farm outside of Jericho and none of the kings and queens of Europe are descended from him. Nostradamus didn’t predict the future, the earth isn’t flat and the pyramids weren’t built by space reptiles from their secret base on the lost continent of Atlantis.

People who assert these things are true have a mental disturbance. Or they’re hucksters cashing in on other peoples’  mental disturbance.

When it comes to Jews and Israel all bets are off though.  Zionist sharks, pigs, birds. Spies everywhere. Everyone from Osama to the Queen of England is a secret Jew. Zionst chewing gum and lipstick. Polio vaccines a Jewish plot to make Arab men impotent. Z.O.G. (which of course is both running the US government AND opposed to it at the same time, according to Chris Matthews at any rate: “Tell Bibi he can’t run our elections anymore”).

Stand for gay rights? Well the Jews are to blame for that. They give unlimited rights to gays but that’s just to fool you. Stand against gay rights? Well the Jews are to blame for that as well what with their immorality and race pollution. Whatever whenever however they know, they’re sure that somehow the Jews are the problem here. Somehow it’s Israel’s fault and even if they fixed it all tomorrow they’d still need to be punished because they’re just waiting for you to drop your guard. That hater is Jesus and the other guys are insane, dead or operated by robots. It's not about reason it's about fanaticism.


  1. It is about fanaticism. About obsession.
    And 'big lies' - sorry to quote from Hitler and Goebbels.
    The beginnings...somewhere in Alexandria maybe. The Greeks, then the Romans.
    A small group of people who had a different way of being in the world. A different belief. One that created an opportunity for being seen as separate, and troubling. And worse.
    The human race needs allies and enemies. And it needs stories. Myths and narratives.
    Not facts or truth.
    The phenomenon of being the father of two super- cessionary religions. The myth of deicide.The most powerful myth in the world.

    Supernatural beliefs cannot be fought with argument. That is their strength.
    Most myths throughout history attached to supernatural beings and events. Through the power of theology, Jews became 'living' mythological figures. And the stories were recycled. Over and over. The other, rather bland, culprit - repetition. We copy. Once out there, the myth can be recycled indefinitely.
    From deicide - to Zionist sharks. And everything in-between. And on and on.
    It can't stop because it doesn't really make any sense. Because it is entirely irrational, it can't stop.
    Any attempt to counter it is proof of it.
    That's the wonder of paranoia, it survives everything. It transfers to anything one wants.
    Anything, however illogical or bonkers.
    This is a collective paranoia recycled throughout cultures and generations.
    It cannot ever end as it has burrowed its way into everyone's psyches. It's not going anywhere.
    All the world wars- and Zionist toothpaste.
    If there were literally no Jews left in the world anywhere, people would need to invent them. Completely non- Jews would start being accused of being Jews. The world wouldn't know how to cope without them.
    Sad and frightening. And totally mad.

    1. In spite of it, Jews have done remarkable to survive and make such a contribution to humankind. No other people have done so much against such odds. Imagine if Jews were free from harm, how much better it might be. There are so few. If we were gone they may re-invent us, but it would be in a world not worth living.