Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sunday Column for the Elder of Ziyon

Michael L.

The Elder schedules my material for publication at 11 AM Eastern Standard on Sundays. 

 My piece tomorrow is entitled, Congratulations to Benjamin Netanyahu and to the United Arab List.

Here is a tid-bit:
Whatever else this election may say about Israel, it clearly demonstrates its liberal commitment to plurality.  Whatever else this election may say about Israel's enemies, it demonstrates their fundamental indifference toward the democratic and liberal nature of the Jewish State.

The Arabs now represent the third largest political bloc in the Knesset, despite the fact that it is largely an anti-Zionist bloc that has often sided with genocidal enemies of the Jewish people in that part of the world, such as Hamas and Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Jihad.

What could possibly be more democratic and less "racist," it must be asked, than for a country to willingly allow the empowerment of a hostile minority within its own chambers of governance?


  1. Well said, and such an obvious point that it exposes something much deeper about those who are obsessive in their demonization of Israel. Compare how Israel treats those parties you mention, to how our country treated communists during the post-war years.

    Speaking of which, there have been 147 diaries tagged Israel at Daily Kos, in just 21 days of March.

    Here's the latest 'standout,' calling Israel Nazis.

    Interestingly, it seems to be getting more pushback than usual, but perhaps that's a result of its blatant antisemitism. Or maybe there's a Saturday Night Daily Kos bund camp meeting keeping most of the Jew-haters busy at the moment.

    It sure can't be fatigue, since if there's one thing they seem to have endless energy for, it's demonizing Israel.

    1. Did you notice in that diary that Meteor Blades defended the accusation of genocide against Israel? F**k I hate that place.

    2. They hold Israel to an outrageously prejudicial double-standard.

      It could hardly be more obvious.

      There were hundreds of thousands of Syrian dead within the last few years, versus about 50,000 dead in the entire Arab-Israel conflict since '48, about 1/3 Jewish and 2/3 Arab.

      What's been happening since Obama took office is courting political Islam because he seems to believe that Iran would make for an important and necessary strategic partner in that part of the world.

      The difficulty is that partnering with people who believe that Jews, and other dhimmis, should be second and third class citizens under al-Shara cannot possibly endear one to the Jewish people.

      How could it possibly be any other way?

      And just what did he expect?

    3. He defines the term down to such an extent that, in what he seems to present as his view, an argument can be made that there are thousands of 'genocides' going on in the world today.

      It's a disgusting misappropriation of one of, if not the, world's worst crimes, undertaken in order to square his twisted view of the world with his alleged 'principles,' and to score political points against people with whom he disagrees.

      I would say shame on Meteor Blades, but it's clear that the man has none.

    4. Here's the link to the comment. He makes no argument to either back up or oppose the charge, but rather just throws a legal definition out there in a classic "now, maybe I'm not one of them, but some people would say..." coward move.

    5. Another classic. In a diary with a thread accusing Israel of nonexistent genocide, here's one of that claim's supporters literally dehumanizing Israelis.

      These people are so self-unaware it would be comical, if they didn't have the potential to be dangerous.

      Then again, I suppose the advantage of their ignorance, and the way their blind hatred manifests, results in most reasonable people recognizing these would-be mini-fascists for exactly what they are.

    6. The inability to give even slight recognition of the Jewish narrative illustrates the antisemitism at work. They require recognition for others. They are anal about it, but here they discriminate. Especially many secular European Jews that seem more like Lutherans and who seem not to know that lots of Jews come from Arab lands and have insight from first hand experience.