Thursday, March 26, 2015

IsraAID in Vanuatu


While certain parts of the 'advanced' world concentrate on the very important task of demonizing Israel, its democracy, its people, and its prime minister, Israeli aid workers are once again in the forefront of working to save lives on the other side of the world.
Cyclone Pam pummeled a number of countries in the Pacific this month, reaching the island nation over the weekend of March 13-15. In Vanuatu, 17 people were killed, 65,000 people were left homeless and 166,000 people were in need of urgent life-saving assistance, according to UN figures. 
A team sent by The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid (IsraAID) arrived in the country earlier this week to provide humanitarian assistance to grief-stricken locals. 
In total, the team visited 12 villages and eight schools across two islands -- all were completely destroyed. 
In one village on the island of Tongoa, the Israeli group was joined by a local parliamentarian to distribute tons of rice, flour and drinking water to residents.   
Local reactions to the team’s country of origin were surprisingly amiable, according to the group, with one volunteer quipping: “Everyone here loves Israel,” IsraAID said in a press release.
Quick, somebody alert the Western 'aid' and 'human rights' organizations who might not even be able to point to Vanuatu on a map.  There are still places and people who don't understand that the Jews who rushed to their aid, are the world's foremost problem today.
Despite a UN plea for international humanitarian assistance, one resident told the visiting crew that “It’s been ten days since the disaster, and these are the first supplies we have received."
Perhaps Israel can even tell them how to get there.


  1. I remember during the Haiti operation some people on places like dkos were saying, "Oh, well, they're merely trying to deflect attention from their ill-treatment of the Palestinians."

    At the time I wondered if it was possible for the contempt to run truly that deep.

    It can.

    1. Don't forget the organ harvesting allegations. These people spout classic blood libel along the lines of medieval lunatics, yet continue to insist upon considering themselves enlightened and progressive.

  2. They used to call it The Scottish Hebrides. I wonder where NZ and Scotland plan on lending their support?

    1. They'll contribute by denouncing Israel at the UN for making the rest of the world look bad, slow and uncaring. I'm pretty sure that's a war crime, as long as Israel is involved.