Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Sunday Column

Michael L.

is usually published at the Elder of Ziyon at 8 AM Eastern Standard time.

Tomorrow's article is entitled The Sucker's Game and here is a tid-bit:
The Jews of the Middle East have agreed to an additional Arab state within the tiny Jewish homeland since at least the Peel Commission of 1937.  From that day until this the Palestinian-Arabs have never accepted a state for themselves in peace next to the Jewish one, yet Barack Obama and the western Left continually and unjustly blame the Jewish people for Arab intransigence and hatred toward us.

There is no one on this planet who wants peace with the Arabs and the Muslims more than do the Jews of that part of the world.  They are a tiny minority in a savage environment who want nothing so much as to be left the hell alone so that they can go about creating computer software and litigate against one another.


  1. Netanyahu, probably due to pressure from Obama, has decided to release PA tax revenue, despite the fact that this revenue is not even equivalent to what the PA already owes Israel in terms of electricity.

    In response a grateful Mahmoud Abbas said this:

    "All signs indicate that there is no partner for peace in Israel, and therefore the international actions taken by the Palestinians must not be viewed as unilateral," Abbas said. "Israel has abandoned peace and turned to extremism and racism."

    As I say, it's a sucker's game.

    1. Abbas said:

      Israel has abandoned peace and turned to extremism and racism.

      Irony alert.

    2. Says Abbas, the guy who leads a polity which demands a racially-pure state...

  2. The proper response to which, is, of course, "Pfftt!"

  3. Quote from Nick Cohen's book 'What's Left?'

    Re Western Liberal - Left / Radical Islam

    If the liberals and leftists are wrong, and there are good reasons for thinking that they are horribly wrong, history will judge them harshly. For they will have gazed on the face of a global fascist movement and shrugged and turned away, not only from an enemy that would happily have killed them but from an enemy which was already killing those who had every reason to expect their support.

    1. That book is close to impossible to find in the US, btw. I don't do Amazon or Big Chain Bookstores. The Free Library of Philadelphia system owns one copy of 'You Can't Read This Book,' but none of 'What's Left.'

      I'll get ahold of a copy somehow, though.