Friday, June 24, 2016

A Quick Congratulations to the Brits

Michael L.

I am not generally a big fan of Britain, given its history with the Jewish people, but I am very pleased to see them vote against continued participation in the European Union.

In my view, as in the view of many millions of people throughout the West, the EU is non-democratic.

Who makes the laws that we have to live by, and how accountable are they directly to us? That's all that matters in this referendum, because everything else flows from that. If you can't remove the people who govern you, you live in a dictatorship, however many fancy labels and buttons and bows they dress it all up in. - Pat Condell.
It seems pretty obvious, particularly given how close the vote was, that were it not for the EU's open-door policy on Arab-Muslim immigration the vote would have gone the other way.

The EU is asking the European nations to surrender their distinctiveness as nations. Unfortunately for the EU, very many Europeans prefer not only to maintain their culture, traditions, and values, but believe that there should be a single set of laws for every citizen of their country.

They would also very much prefer not to read about Muslim rape gangs going after their pre-pubescent daughters.

And also, of course, as Condell notes above, the EU is democracy decaf.

It is a means by which sovereignty is bled from the nations, and their peoples, in favor of a multi-national body that will make binding decisions for their countries. It is a way of concentrating power in direct opposition to the will of regular people because the big decisions - such as immigration policies and economic policies - are no longer in the hands of their directly elected representatives.

This is non-democratic and should be opposed.

Condell refers to the idealists that think that the European Union is supposed to be something like the United States of Europe, but as he notes the EU "has no Constitution that guarantees fundamental liberties and government by consent."

The international market has taken a hit from the Brexit vote, but that is not surprising. Just how much of a hit we will see in the coming weeks and months.

Some have argued that Britain leaving the EU is bad for Israel because it means losing a powerful friend to Israel within the EU. I very much hope that I can be excused for an eye-roll. Whatever else Britain is, it is no friend to either the State of Israel or the Jewish people.

Finally, the supreme hypocrisy of the Obama administration and friends needs to be noted.

Netanyahu, via Congressional invitation, was asked to address the US Congress on the question of Obama's Iran "deal" - actually a treaty in need of Congressional approval - and was thoroughly castigated as a malicious interloper by the Democratic Party and the progressive-left.

And, yet, Obama felt free to travel to Britain in order to lecture the Brits about what is in their own best interest despite the fact that, unlike Netanyahu's concerns, it has nothing to do with an existential threat to the United States.

And, remember, this is the guy that upon coming into office insulted that country by returning a gift, a bust of Winston Churchill, which he did not want standing anyplace within the White House.


  1. Some in Britain are friends of Israel which is amazing when you consider the immense amount of Arab/Muslim war propaganda disseminated in that country from the media and government, especially on the "left."
    It is so damned PC that even most of those who are pro-Israel, with a few notable exceptions, will lace their defense of Israel with apologies.

    Even here, our own Alan Dershowitz drives me to distraction with his "Israel, despite all its imperfections" talk - as if, perfect countries were some sort of standard fare. I would get away from this sort of language. Israel doesn't have "imperfections," it has problems - with people who would like very much to destroy it. That is its unique problem. Other than that it has many of the same problems most western democracies have concerning good governance.

    1. It's the critics who require perfection, and Dershowitz's comments are usually in that context.

      America must be perfect, too, to these people.

      So much ridicule they provide, but they are the ones deserving it for their unrealistic view of human nature and a bent that approves of authoritarian measure to implement the fantasy that one world government will serve all.

  2. The EU could work if power of the Commission is shared with the Parliament. There is a democracy deficit because Europeans did not elect the Commission, and the results of its overreach are horrible. Subsidiarity should be the guiding principle of the EU.

    America should always stand with the UK so long as it furthers the democratic ideals we both share. Just like Israel, despite the hysteria otherwise.

    Brexit, on its face, is good for Israel and nationalism that binds people together. Without these binds, society disintegrates and in the vacuum comes dictatorship, even if it resembles 1984.

    Israel is in much better shape than Europe, actually, if one can believe Martin Kramer, a favorite.

    Also commend his article on Bernard Lewis at Mosaic, and the responses, and Lewis's 1976 seminal article that under it all, the undercurrent of Islamism lurked.

    1. Hey man, thanks for the recommended reading.

      I will check it out.

  3. Mike you say you are "not generally a big fan of Britain, given its history with the Jewish people"

    Well the US isn't any better. They didn't want to take the riff-raff from Europe either post WW2

    I am not a fan of the US either given their history of WW2

    1. Then again, UK opposed the partition and abstained when Israel tried to join the UN.

      If the standards applied by UK and USA to Jews were emulated everywhere, Jews would have a much easier time, even if there are black spots. Where aren't there?

    2. Shirt in Oz,
      I agree about WWII, but the US is light years better than Europe.

  4. Yes we did it well, even though as an English citizen I wasn't allowed to vote because I have been out of the country for too long..

    I voted 'NO' 40+ years ago to going in.

    Just think they can now stop live animal exports which the EU wouldn't allow .

    They want to follow Australia’s immigration laws.

    They will to be able to choose people from a list of wanted/needed occupations.

    They want people to have X money amount of money in the bank.

    They want people to pass health checks etc..

    They want to be able to grow what crops they want and not what they are told.

    They want to farm what they want to farm.

    They want to make their own rules and laws not take orders from bureaucrats in Brussels..

    Despite what you think,they are not worried about Muslims.

    They are worried about unskilled labour which is taking jobs from the average Brit.

    That's why the vote for Brexit was so high in the north in industrialised areas.

    I am told that the Muslim vote was very high for Brexit