Friday, June 10, 2016

One Small Step for a Man...

men walk on moon

I saw this on television when I was a tiny child, but I remember it to this day.

My father and I were watching on an old black-and-white television with rabbit ears, while eating Triscuits with butter.

Walter Cronkite.

I can see it in my mind's eye.


  1. I was surfing at South Beach in Miami and saw a commotion over at the food stand. Went over just in time to catch the landing. Wow. What a memorable day.

  2. My High school principal called the whole school to assembly first thing in the morning and after an address that invited us to compare the event with other major milestones in human progress sent us all home to watch it on TV.

    Kids who didn't have TV s he arranged to go to homes that did.

  3. I find it a tad depressing that we haven't been back by now. Really, we should be on Mars by this point. When I was at the Johnson Space Center in the summer of 2000 - Jeez, was it hot! - the mood around the place was not optimistic.

    What ultimately provided funding for NASA was the Cold War and when the Cold War ended funding diminished.

    What I did not understand at the time was how the private sector would take the reins, which is what we are seeing now.

    I remain hopeful that we will see human beings on Mars within my lifetime.

    It does not matter if the US does it via NASA or a private agency does it or some other government.

    The Israeli space program has mainly focused on sending satelites into space.

    I'd love to see them go after manned space flight.

    Perhaps Israel could be the next country to a person on the moon.

    Wouldn't that be terrific!

    The very notion of it gives me a smile.

  4. It was just amazing, and people knew how amazing it was. People were looking up at that thing in the sky ever since there were people. And compared to technology today, they did it with paper clips and rubber bands. (Actually they did by developing the technology which lead to today's technology.) I just don't think that people born after realize what an astonishing achievement this was.