Friday, June 17, 2016



  1. So what is it? A comet?
    I once saw a meteor coming down around dusk. I was a big one too! It looked like a bunch of sparklers all rolled up and left a jagged, smokey trail in the sky. The newspapers said it landed near Middletown, NY, which was about 50 miles away. I heard it was carted off to a museum.

    1. Give the man his due. It is pretty funny though. I'll try to find it though spotting Orion hasn't been too easy lately around here.

  2. Halley's comet was a major disappointment at least in this part of the world. There had been a build up for over a year. People hired hot air balloons to get a better look. There were comet parties all over the shop.
    Articles in the papers about how it triggered revolutions, wars, mass hysteria about the end of the world and how we should take special precautions in case some people panicked (sure )
    Stuff about Mark Twain.

    Then what?

    A tiny smudge on the horizon.

    Then the scientists said that it only gets impressive every third or fourth visit.

    It should be better next time.

    1. I know. I had been waiting for the "great event" of the arrival of Halley's comet since I was a kid. I thought I was going to see some big ball of fire with a tail. The only thing big about it was the disappointment.