Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Nothing Left Radio - 7th June 2016

Contributors: Mike Lumish, Itamar Marcus, Michelle Rojas-Tal, Simon Plosker, Isi Leibler, Special Guest Co Host - Mary Werther

This may be my next to last contribution to Nothing Left and J-AIR radio, out of Melbourne, at least for awhile.

Michael Burd and Alan Freedman were kind enough to have me fill in for Alan while he was in Israel attending an HonestReporting conference and I very much want to thank those guys for the opportunity.

I will, however, have one more piece for next week.

In my brief discussion today (starting around the 3 minute mark) I basically talk about the US campaign for the presidency and outline why I am - for the moment, in any case - not supporting either candidate.


  1. I enjoyed your take on the upcoming elections.

    1. Thanks, man.

      It's a shame, but I do not see any upside coming this November.

      There is no one to support.

    2. As I look at stuff on dreaded FB and elsewhere I am amazed at the amount of willfully blind hysteria over this election from all sides. To me this is a sign of great political instability in this country, the likes of which I have never seen, and I remember '68. It's already pretty dirty and I can't even imagine how bad it's going to get. I worry about escalating violence and the partisan and media encouragement. People seem so closed-minded and married to their side that it's coming to resemble the sectarian strife of the world's shit holes.
      As of now it looks like I won't be voting, because the whole thing stinks to high heaven. Hillary will win.

    3. Australia has a general election in a few weeks time.

      That's probably not news anywhere else because it is barely news here.

      If I vote (in Australia voting is compulsory) I will vote for the ruling centre-right coalition.

      Not out of conviction but because the opposition Labor Party cannot be trusted on Israel.

  2. The worst part of the upcoming election is that one of them will win.....(drum roll/rim shot)

  3. I very much suspect that we are going to see President Hillary.