Friday, June 24, 2016

The Indigenous Population


It's heartening to see more Israeli politicians and policy makers stating that, “The Jews Are the Indigenous Population of Israel”. Even a group of Jewish Republicans have stated the inherent right of Jews to settle in the “West Bank”.

The early Jewish settlers, although Zionists, for whatever reason did not insist on the fundamental fact of Israel being the land of the Jews.

In 1967 after capturing Jerusalem, General Moshe Dayan made the fateful decision to let the Jordanian Waqf (religious authority) administer the Temple Mount. At a minimum, he could have let both the Jordanian Waqf and the Israeli religious authorities share administration. There would be, I believe, a more tractable problem on that site today.

Even the Oslo Accords implicitly hinted that the West Bank is “Palestinian” territory. It included some verbiage to the effect that, Israel will leave when it's security concerns are addressed.

Yes, it is heartening to hear public figures stating, “The Jews Are the Indigenous Population of Israel.”

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  1. Emmett, thank you for this.

    I certainly appreciate the viewpoint, but I think that you need to flesh it out a bit more and provide a few links to verify claims and so forth.

    This piece is 150 words, which is really more of a comment than a piece.

    In any case, I certainly agree with you. Jewish people need to make the claim, often and loudly, that we are the indigenous people of the Land of Israel... y'know, unless they can find a lost tribe of Jebusites out there somewhere.

    The Arabs are waging a war against the Jews grounded in malicious lies.

    We need to counter with the truth.