Saturday, June 4, 2016

Apollo X


I almost feel bad for the guys in Apollo X.

Eugene A. Cernan, Lunar Module Pilot

Thomas P. Stafford, Commander

John W. Young, Command Module Pilot

These guys were the second to orbit the moon after Borman, Lovell, and Anders.

They called it a "dress rehearsal" for the actual landing.

They named the LEM "Snoopy" and the Command Module "Charlie Brown."


  1. You can feel bad for them if you want, but they got a trip around the moon. I'd take it.

    1. I would, too.

      But they just missed landing on the surface. It wasn't their goal but, nonetheless, it must have been a heartbreak.

      Cernan, Stafford, and Young watched Armstrong and Aldrin land on the face of the moon and thought to themselves, "This could just as easily have been us."

  2. Wasn't Cernan the last to walk on the moon?

    1. He was.

      I just wonder what it must have been like for these guys to witness Apollo 11.

      I assume that they were both ecstatic and terribly jealous.