Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Nothing Left # 104

This is what Michael Burd and Alan Freedman are up to this week.

2 min Editorial on Arab recognition of Israel

8 min Rev Dr Mark Durie on Islam

50 min Mike Lumish Comments, USA blogger

55 min George Igler, UK-based analyst

1 hr 37 min Isi Leibler, Jerusalem


  1. Good as always, Mike.
    I don't think Hillary will choose Elizabeth Warren as her running mate. Why do you think she might? I would imagine she would choose someone popular from a battleground state.

  2. From this distance it is astonishing to behhold how hard the Democrats are trying to put the attention on guns.

    People only do that if they are trying to get the attention off something else.

    There are two issues here. Perhaps there is a point of intersection, there usually is, but they are separate issues.

    The Democrats just provided that.


    1. Holding a sit in Congress forchrissake.

    2. The Democrats just PROVED that.

    3. He said "intersectionality," heh heh, heh heh.

  3. Reliving their glory days with dinosaur sit ins. Sad. And they hate Trump more than Mateen. AG Loretta Lynch says Orlando gunman’s motive may never be known. You can't make this nonsense up.

    1. Hey, I write to you guys from the town of Calistoga, CA, in Napa.

      You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a winery in these parts, which suits me just fine.

      In any case, Doodad is correct, the progressive-left unquestionably hates Donald Trump far more than they do Omar Mateen. It's not even close. But, y'know, they aren't trying to keep Omar Mateen out of office.

      And the sight of Congresspeople having a "sit-in" on the floor of Congress was just bizarre. I got to college when Reagan ruled, so I arrive post-60s radicalism, but was a fan.

      So to see actual high-level politicians sitting on the ground as if they were students at Columbia University in 1968 has an absolute faux-political bullshit quality to it.

      We have to make it clear to these people that while gun control is a significant issue, it is also a red herring in terms of Orlando. It is a deliberate distraction from the real issue which is the rise of political Islam.

    2. I also wonder about the reasoning behind the tactic of the sit-in.

      Were they thinking that because the people largely in power throughout the country today are 60s generation people that most of them would look fondly upon a gesture toward the good old days?

      I honestly do not know, but they must have had a tactical reason.

      I mean, really, a Congressional sit-in?


    3. It's embarrassing. Singing "We Shall Overcome"? Give me a break. Congresspersons "sitting in" in the House of Representatives would be like me sitting in in my one of my college classes, i.e., I'm supposed to be there and allowed to be there because I'm a member of the class. It's my class. How is that a sit in?

      I looks like Brexit passed. The UK will be leaving the EU.

    4. I was witness to a few sit-ins in the early seventies including one in the middle of Brisbane that I briefly took part in at the urging of certain peers.
      Then I stood up and walked away through the police line who ignored me.
      It was the embarrassment that drove me from the stage. Even back then the whole thing hit me as just so incredibly bloody childish.

    5. Dear Britain,

      We voted leave and it worked out okay for us.

      United States

      A tweet I say quoted some where

    6. Cute retort to the hyperventilating remain camp.
      I've seen the most amazing responses by them today on twitter, including complaints that "old people" were actually allowed to vote.
      Was it Oscar Wilde who said, "I'm not young enough to know everything"?

    7. I know he said

      It's either the wall paper or me.

  4. Either those curtains go or I do