Saturday, September 2, 2017

KPFA Speaks to Matt Finkelstein on Reem's antisemitic restaurant

Michael Lumish

Matthew Finkelstein spoke to KPFA radio out of Berkeley, yesterday, concerning the vigils against the mural honoring progressive-left antisemitic anti-Zionist Rasmea Odeh at Reem's bakery/cafe in Oakland, California.

These are ongoing vigils in Oakland in honor of college students Leon Kanner and Edward Joffe who were murdered by Odeh and her friends in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in 1969 at a grocery in Jerusalem, yet she remains celebrated on the left for her "social justice" work in Chicago.

Apparently, KPFA cut the contribution of local Democrat, Susan George, who is a rare type of friend. Susan is a non-Jewish, Sanders supporting, progressive-left friend of Israel and the Jewish people.

{Such as these are not so easy to come by.}

In any case, it is a brief piece that begins at the 51-minute mark.

I think that Matt did an excellent job, although the piece slanted toward the murderer Rasmea Odeh, but this is hardly surprising given Northern California public radio.

Odeh has, thankfully, been deported from the United States.

To where I wonder?

So long, Roz.

Happy travels.


  1. The federal order says she is to be deported to Jordan.

  2. Silent vigil perhaps the best expected here. A poster depicting the smiling face of Odeh, and in bold blackness: "SHAME!" or "HYPOCRISY!"

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  4. I have had friends who hang on every word they receive from KPFA and its "progressives" who at heart are actually communists. The "news" reporting in this instance is to convince, while pretending to be balanced, that Odeh, the murdering military member of a terror organization, is a victim, and that Reem Asil is the victim of all that anti-Arab, anti-Muslim racism that runs so rampant in the Bay Area, the most "progressive" place on earth.
    Reem is sticking to the now embarrassingly tissue thin and debunked cover story of the woman who accepted a plea deal rather than have her complete lies put paid in a court of law. And KPFA is only too happy to play along, pretending it all is a "he said she said" story, with the she said the one you ought to believe, nod nod, wink wink.
    That's right, KPFA, do no further investigating as to the truth of the matter. The CAUSE is on the line. Any crack in the armor, any weak link in the chain, and you won't be able to save America from the twin evils of capitalism and racism and create a collectivist heaven on earth.
    I should mention I once, at 22, did some volunteer work at KPFA, (and later on performed music and was interviewed which was a pleasant enough experience). Politically, I gave up on them completely when the Sandinistas won reelection in Nicaragua against Violetta Chamorro. Oh, wait a minute, they didn't, did they? Oh well.
    But KPFA is the friend of indigenous peoples everywhere, even Arab colonist settlers in the land of Israel who think of it as a right and duty to rid themselves of Jews. KPFA, and "progressives" get away with this by lying about history and by rendering language meaningless. Sure, let's pretend that Palestine is the place where Arabs come from, and I, by virtue of being brought up in New York, am an indigenous Iroquois.

    1. And let's pretend that Odeh is an "activist" being accused of terrorism. It's the lie that KPFA "news" and Reem Asil are pushing.

  5. Oh, and btw, Corrine Smith got the story wrong. She claimed that the court placed a restraining order upon me.

    It has not.

    Twice Reem's attorney requested one and twice she was refused.


    1. Yes, I was wondering about that. Have you called KPFA and demanded a correction?

    2. And why are they picking on you specifically. Is it because you run this blog?

    3. Why are they going after me?

      I suspect it is because I write.

      Were it just a matter of this little blog they might not have bothered, tho.

      And, yeah, KPFA will be hearing from us, but I am leaving most of this stuff to the guys with the big paychecks.

      In the meantime, we have a continuance and I expect to stand before the judge in, maybe, October.

      In any case, I neither touched, nor threatened, a soul.

      This is lawfare.

    4. Some are suggesting that it is a test case.

      It is, ultimately, a challenge to the Freedom of Speech clause to the 1 Amendment.

      Look at Canada and Europe when it comes to such matters.

      That is what they want to bring to the US.

    5. KPFA twice called Odeh an "activist" merely being "accused" of terrorist murder. Then they segued to Reem pushing the whole lie further with the bs narrative of Odeh's innocence and victimhood, the 500 innocents Nazi style roundup, etc., and how Reem is trying to "protect" her customers' "peace and dignity" which are the usual code words used in antisemitic anti-zionist agitprop. It's all a lie, and pushed on Pacifica radio which relies on donations from the ideological victims of its slanted misreportage.
      And twice they said you had had a restraining order slapped on you from a court. That matter, at least, I think, they need to correct as a matter of law.
      A court has found as a matter of law that a restraining order for you was a gratuitous legal maneuver with no merit.
      The case against Odeh and Reem's outrageous behavior is supported by a finding of fact. The case for is supported by nothing but bigoted gossip.

    6. Once the prosecution decided to expose Odeh as the murderer and member of a terror organization she is, she folded like a cheap napkin.

    7. Or are they now going to say Chicago prosecutors sexually tortured her for 25 days.