Thursday, September 21, 2017

Peace to you, please, my friends.

Shana Tova

A good and sweet New Year.



  1. And to you and that good looking bunch in the photo and all our other posters.

  2. That was actually very nice moment, I have to tell ya.

    And then we sang.

    Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Good-bye!

    I wish Rasmea Odeh whatever it is that she actually deserves.

  3. You are among the few who know about that.

  4. " according to testimony during her trial in Israel, the defendant compromised the PFLP by providing the names of more than 80 terrorists who were then arrested by Israeli officials.7 [emphasis added]

    7 “[S]he [the defendant] provided names of others related to the network such as Ali Kassim, Aliya Khuri, the Attorney Bashir Alhiri the attorney, Abdel Hafiz Jaber, and the following day of Yakub Odeh, who is her cousin. . . During the same week of investigation the incident in the cafeteria in East Jerusalem took place. Thanks to her we’ve also gotten to the cafeteria, because she knew of the plans before getting arrested and she provided the names of the people who may have carried it out. She cooperated with me throughout the travels. She worked with me for 6 days of oral interrogation. Led me to places. Thanks to her we’ve arrested over 80 people; Shkhem, Ramallah as well as Hebron, Bet-Lehem and the whole (West) Bank[.]” See Israeli Trial Transcript, Bates Number 721."

    1. My bet is that she won't be in Jordan for long.