Monday, June 17, 2013

BDSers To Spew Old Crap in New York


The bigoted, terrorist-loving, pro-war BDS 'movement' (which is frankly no different than the countless other Jew-boycotting movements which preceded this current one), will be getting together for a little rendezvous, shamefully under the auspices of a Quaker group, in New York next month.

Though this is surely nothing new for the Quakers.

This 'Friendly' (tm) hate-filled hoedown will follow the usual pattern - it will feature all the rather unfriendly, historically deadly antisemitic tropes BDS is so fond of; nobody outside of a few folks like us will notice it, and it will then slouch off toward its well-deserved insignificance until the next time those failures show up somewhere to proudly preach their hate speech.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center report said the BDS program meets Natan Sharansky’s “3D Test" for anti-Semitism: It follows “double-standards” by criticizing Israel while overlooking human rights abuses across the Arab world; “demonizes” Israel by comparing its actions to those of Apartheid regimes; and attempts to “delegitimize” the Jewish state by targeting its existence.

Why I think we should take notice, and what we should try to counteract, is the apparent mainstreaming of modern day bund camps like this.  Their ideological predecessors were shut down by our government the last time around, because we just so happened to enter a major war against their patrons not long after.

Such a thing is unlikely this time around, though, and to be honest I wouldn't even support a government crackdown in that same manner myself, but what does need to be done is exposure of who these people are and exactly what they stand for.  And making sure their atrocious ideas remain far out of the mainstream, and stay there forever.

(h/t Shirl in Oz)


  1. BDS=Alice Walker=David Icke and so on and so on mentioning every wacko out there. Nuff said.

    1. Btw, Doodad, our sixtieth annual Space Lizards Who Secretly Rule The World Convention is seeking speakers!

      I've submitted your name for consideration to the organizing committee. Hope you don't mind.

      This year's Space Lizard Social Media Panel is going to be... yup... out of this world! ;-P

  2. Does anyone know how to change the photo/picture on Google? I've done it elsewhere and I can't on Google.

    1. I don't know if the settings are any different on other browsers, but these days (Chrome on a Macbook) all I have to do is go to the main google home page, click on my picture on the top right, mouse over the image, and 'change photo' pops right up as an option.

      I remember it was definitely a pain a couple years ago, trying to do same when I was on a desktop PC. In that case, I seem to recall something about having to delete the picture from your hard drive first, then uploading a new one from scratch?

      Anyway, sorry. This computer stuff confuses me to no end. I still pine for the days of VHS movies and albums on cassette tape, myself... ;)

    2. Thanks Jay.

      If you want VCRs we have a couple in use here. I think there may be a tape deck in the garage too.

  3. Jay, are you suggesting that the BDS people are something akin to Nazis?!

    Shame on you!

    The truth of the matter is that the Nazis were a much misunderstood group of people.

    The National Socialists in Germany, during the early-middle of the twentieth century, were mainly regular folks like you and me who simply wanted what they thought was right.

    It is no coincidence or surprise that university students were very attracted to Nazism, because people at that age tend to be, as I was, highly idealistic.

    I guess that I just want to emphasize the fact that the people who want to kill us have the very best intentions. They honestly think that you are evil, or something akin to evil, because you stand up for the Zionist State.

    This makes you persona non grata on the left.

    And what that means is that we are in the position of having to choose between our family and the Jewish people versus the progressive-left as a movement.

    Gee, let me think about that for a moment.


    I think that I'll stick with my family and the Jewish people.

    Boy, that was a tough choice.

    1. Just had flashbacks to a site where I was essentially told, more than once, that we must take a step back, think about our actions, and then seek to understand what we can maybe do differently in order so that the antisemites can perhaps stop hating us so much.

      (Can you imagine how long somebody would remain in the good graces of 'progressives' if they were to suggest the same to gays or African Americans or Hispanics or any single other group of people?)

    2. Mike,

      "And what that means is that we are in the position of having to choose between our family and the Jewish people versus the progressive-left as a movement."

      Like in 1920, when the Zionist Socialist delegates sent to the 2nd International were rejected by the Marxists on the basis of one single point of incompatibility—being nationalists—now too the Progressive-Leftist Jews are being called to give up exactly that one single point that matters, or be booted from the camp.

      Progressive Zionists are Zionists, no dispute about that, even in the eyes of a right-winger like me. The question is, do their fellow Progressives consider them Progressives? As far as Progressivism is concerned, those folks are now exiles, if not outright apostates.

      Sooner or later, any left-wing Jew who cares about Israel will have to go the route of the majority of Israeli Jews: keeping to socialism in their socio-economic views, but moving rightward on geopolitics because, well, that's inevitable once the Left has made it mainstream to regard any adherence to Zionism as right-wing thinking. As the extremities of the Left move to its center, what little tolerance there remains to Zionism will vanish, and the choice between Progressivism and Zionism will be forced on all Jews everywhere.

  4. For the record, Robert Abzug's "America Views the Holocaust, 1933-45 : A Brief Documentary History" contains the actual excerpted communiques from the American Friends in Germany in the 1930's and it's not pretty. At best, they were indifferent to how the Jews were treated and more typically they sided with the Nazis in blaming it on the Jews.

    The Quakers in America have had a very ambiguous role vis a vis the Jews. Whether its good old religious bigotry or a factor of whom specifically flocked to the Quakers, what they preach and what they preach about Jews have been very different things.

  5. Buy the by, BI has a great photo spread on how the Muslim Brotherhood has turned Egypt into an even worse apocalyptic anthill than it was before.