Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Once in a Lifetime

Mike L.

I am the guy on the left in the yellow t-shirt and the Giants cap... for you Taliban folk.

The guy on the upper right is Captain Dave of Fort Lauderdale who made this possible and the guy in the blue t-shirt is Andre, from Brazil and who speaks no English, but who helped me drag this monster out of the watery depths after about a 1/2 hour fight.

This is a once in a lifetime catch and David said we should mount this sailfish as a trophy because from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail it's about seven feet long.

But I do not need a trophy on the wall.

This ginormous fish still swims the Atlantic.


  1. That's a damned good-looking fish.

    I remember water like that from Key West, but aside from getting one foot wet I never went out in it. I mostly just lounged about for hours near it. Reading on a towel, under a palm, mostly, and I'm proud to report that the girlfriend I went down with one of those times never even got me to go into it.

    Florida is just too hot and too sticky and too wet for me.

    I prefer hanging out in the shade, myself, and enjoying the bars and Cuban restaurants.

    But it looks quite nice! And I'll certainly be back again one of these years... ;)

  2. And let's go Bruins!

    Sweep those stupid penguins.

    Drown them. Eat them. Beat them 4-0!

    (And then lose to Chicago. Heh.)

    Our Flyers will win it all next year. ;)

    1. Pop quiz, hotshot!

      What kind of team names themselves after a flightless bird?

      A team from pittsburgh, that's who!

      (Sweep them, Boston!)

  3. "...from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail it's about seven feet long."

    For Geoffff's benefit as well as mine, that would be a length of about two meters ten (210 cm). :) A big fish indeed, although, to bring up a Star Wars quote, there's always a bigger fish.

    Those fins aren't spiked with poisonous stings, are they? Oh, and does it have scales? Just curious if it's a fish I could eat or not (they need to have both scales and fins to be kosher).

    1. Interesting question. Depends on who you ask. Orthodox almost universally say no, it's not kosher. Pretty much the same with Reform, since they don't (for the most part) give a shit, they defer to the orthodox interpretation. Conservative Jewish scholars are mixed. They have scales. Scales of adults can't be removed without tearing the flesh. Juveniles, however, have scales that can easily be removed. Proceed accordingly.

    2. Those fins aren't spiked with poisonous stings, are they?

      Me, Captain Dave, and the ginormous fish have been secretly working with the Mossad.

      Don't tell anyone, but the ginormous fish, even as we speak, is heading directly for the Mediterranean where it is assigned to harass Egyptian beach-goers... strictly for the hell of it!

      As for the eatability of my covert partner above, all I can say for sure is that you never - not ever - see sailfish on the menu of seafood restaurants.

      I have to say (and this is my liberal side coming out) that given the number of people on the planet, I am fairly amazed that we even have fish in the ocean still.

    3. Stuart,

      I'm Orthodox, so I guess that's one delicacy I'll have to pass on. Bummer. Oh well, there are more fish in the sea. (Who hasn't gritted their teeth at that trite platitude?)


      We don't need nuttin' more than jellyfish in the Mediterranean. They doin' a good job of scaring the beachgoers without help. When Israelis want sharks, they go to Eilat.

      There are kinds of fish that have poisonous stings, though. There's a kind called "moosht" in Israel, I don't know what it's called in English, but every now and then there's an item in the news about someone mishandling them and needing medical treatment for poisoning by their fins.

      We can send that sailfish and a bunch of moosht fishes for a nice swim with Samantha Power. Sick Israel-hater. Funny how those who think the U.S. ought to be concerned about blowback never have a word to say about her interventionist stance that America should invade and occupy Israel to force a peace agreement.

      I don't view Obama as the source for every setback Israel has suffered during his presidency, but on the other hand, I think there's no way he could be reliably friendly to Israel. All those years under radicals who've bought into the narrative of Israel as a European colony (not least his Arab mentor Rashid Khalidi), as well as his Jew-hating racist pastor, can't have passed without leaving their mark. Nominating Power as U.N. ambassador is as overt a move against Israel as can be without stepping outside the realm of the politically correct.

      But who knows, maybe it'll work for Israel's good: If Power gets the job and acts too heavy-handedly, there's a chance that Israel might finally withdraw from that den of vipers called the United Nations, something that should have been done back in 1975 when Zionism was equated with racism. Our continued membership in the U.N. gives us no benefit.

  4. Way too mischievous, Mike. You know Iranian media is monitoring you now, after all... ;)

    (Besides, we need to master training the wild boars who can distinguish between Jewish and Arab crops before we send more ZioFish into naval duty!)

    1. ZioFish into naval duty


      I have to tell you, Jay, that it's been a crazy week and I am just now recuperating.

      Going forward, tho, we need to focus on the language that we use to discuss the "Israel-Palestine" conflict or the "Muslim-Jewish" conflict or the "Arab-Israel" conflict.

      It seems to me - and I would encourage you guys to tell me where I am wrong - that the Jews of the Middle East are a tiny minority with their backs against the Mediterranean Sea.

      The liberal position should be in favor of the harassed Jews, but liberals and progressives generally do not take that position, and it's is getting worse, year by year.

      Nonetheless, Jewish people and friends of Jewish people need to stand strong.

      We are four thousand years and going strong and that is not going to change any time soon.

      The Jews of the Middle East are a people under siege, but they remain the underdogs in a terrible and irrational fight against them grounded in Sharia.

    2. Sounds like a plan to me. And yes, the trend is troubling.

      The mere fact that proposals which would destroy Israel, the sole state of the historically most persecuted people on the planet, either immediately (a single 'binational state') or eventually (the nonexistent, so-called 'right of return' as part of a so-called 'two-state' solution), are not considered radical, violent, bigoted ideas which should be out of bounds of reasonable discussion, is endlessly troubling.

      That 'progressives' are the ones amongst whom such ideas are increasingly gaining respect, makes it even more troubling.

  5. Speaking of Florida. :)

    My Phillies complete sweep of Miami, are at .500 for the first time this season, and tied for second place in the NL East.

    Cole Hamels is Cole Hamels again, and current NL Player of the Month, and NL Homerun leader, Dom Brown, smacked another homerun this afternoon.

    These Dom Brown and Jonathan Pettibone Phillies are gonna be competing for World Series titles again sooner than most think! ;)