Friday, June 21, 2013


  1. I still haven't tried Cafe Ole's shakshuka, which people I trust on these matters have assured me is the best in the city. Did try a sandwich there once, and it was just okay. A grilled tuna ciabatta kinda thing. Their hummus and their shakshuka are the main attractions, though. One of these years, I'll get there!

    Have youze gone to Amba yet, Mike?

    I'm looking forward to giving Taim a second shot for their sabich after I start work up in North Jersey. Maybe I just hit them on an off day the one time I went, but it wasn't very memorable. All that praise they get has to come for a reason, though, I figure!

  2. Mars! Awesome little diversion.

    Heh, it looks like Eastern Oregon...

  3. Whoa, Cheu Noodle Bar's got sea beans in their ramen! I am in. Haven't been there yet. As usual with new places, I've been waiting for the 'buzz' to wear off for a few months.

    First discovered sea beans at the Saturday PSU Portland Farmers' Market a few years ago, and I can honestly say they're quite possibly the thing I miss most about that place. Haven't been able to find them anywhere around here, though I understand they do grow in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia on this side of the continent. Just that nobody sells them around here, apparently. Argh.

    Went great with eggs, in salads, or just for eating raw. I used to eat almost half the bag raw on the bus ride home. I really miss those salty little whatever-they-ares!