Thursday, June 27, 2013

Paid in Full...


With apologies to Eric B. & Rakim.

Hezbollah's master plan destroys our cities, and sets up scenes like this.

This is not The Headless Bus Rider.  It's just some dude who should probably be in a rehab somewhere.

Tell-tale sign of a heroin addict.  I feel bad for the bus driver, who has to wake him up at the end of the line, and let him know where he is.

They wake up with a bit of a start when the bus turns or stops suddenly, but then nod right back off into their doper dip again.

Amazingly enough, they never fall down to the ground, though I can't imagine how they manage to maintain balance considering the precariousness of their perching at times...


Welcome to Kensington.  It gets a little depressing here sometimes.

Concerns about Hezbollah’s crimes are growing throughout the international community. In April of this year, the United States Treasury Department took action against Hezbollah for working as a drug cartel. The department also blacklisted two Lebanese financial institutions, accusing them of transferring tens of millions of dollars to the terror group. 
As American officials revealed last Tuesday, one of the banks agreed to pay the United States $102 million to settle a lawsuit involving Hezbollah's money laundering scheme. 
In 2001, international intelligence sources identified Lebanese residents operating for Hezbollah in South America’s tri-border area (Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil). The area has become a major source of funding for Hezbollah’s terror activities. In October 2008, investigators took down a cocaine smuggling operation in Colombia, noting that “profits from the sales of drugs went to finance Hezbollah.”
In Germany, officials arrested two suspects in Frankfurt’s airport after linking four Lebanese individuals to nearly 10 million euros in drug profits. Officials accused the suspects of trading drugs and sending the proceeds to relatives directly connected to top Hezbollah officials. 
In 2011, the U.S. government seized drug profits linked to Ayman Joumaa, a drug trafficker and money launderer, linked to Hezbollah. His network was earning as much as $200 million per month. More recently, in June of this year, four Lebanese men were sanctioned for effectively acting as “ambassadors” for Hezbollah in West Africa. 
We need to understand that Hezbollah is a progressive social movement, though,  because some 'progressive' tool tells us this.

(How about we dump their junkies off on her stoop?)


  1. I am suddenly put to mind of a scene in the original Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three in which Robert Shaw (who plays Mr. Blue) runs into a junky on the platform right before getting on the train.

    And the junky looks at him and says, "Whatsamatter, dude? Ain't you never seen a sunset before?"

  2. Haya guys, General Choomin is not welcome here and I will simply delete any comment that he makes.

    Thus if you want to respond to any of his comments, don't make it a reply, but a stand-alone comment under the essay.

    I do not want to lose Jay's words, however, so - because he did reply to a General Choomin post - I am reprinting them below:


    Oh hey, look who it is again.

    Speaking of creeps, it's everybody's favorite neo-Nazi dweeb Choomin. Welcome back, Snotter.

    1) I think you need to get your story straight - are we all addicts here, as you 'joked' last time you stopped by, or are you now suddenly some sort of heroic defender of the downtrodden?

    I think you need to pick a story and stick with it. You sound even more confused than usual.

    And I've had more personal dealings with addicts over just the past decade than you would have if you lived three hundred years. So don't dare lecture me, internet punk.

    2) You couldn't stop posting here if you tried. Stop lying. The only way you'll stop is if Mike keeps deleting your posts, which he should.

    You are a fanatical radical full of hate, who only wastes folks' time here. You are not here to engage honestly, you never have been, and you never will be.

    As somebody who was banned from Daily Kos (of all places!) for his antisemitism, I"m still amazed you're able to show up anywhere under the same handle.

    3) Your concern is duly noted. I'm not quite sure if defending Hezbollah is a step up from defending the abominable bigotry of Helen Thomas, but in the end I'm pretty sure neither one is good.

    PS: Stop pretending to be from my city.

    Posted by JayinPhiladelphia to Israel Thrives at June 30, 2013 at 8:16 PM

    1. Thanks Mike, good call.

      I didn't really even want to waste my time on him in the first place, but like Zion said, sometimes it's just too easy...

      I won't bother with him again, and will instead just wait for his trash to go 'poof.' As I noted above, he is not here to engage honestly, the links I provided to his Daily Kos profile prove beyond doubt that he is a particularly noxious Jew-hater, and he only wastes our time.

      So, good call.

  3. Choomin, I'm truly touched that you've moved on from your obsession with volley and fizziks to focus on me.

    Believe me, I truly am.

    That being said, your love will remain unrequited. I have a blog of my own, if you'd like to carry on your obsession there. I will, of course, delete your comments there immediately as they're posted, but it would be somewhat more considerate of you to carry out your grudge against me there instead of continuing to bother Mike here.

    PS - Don't compare yourself to oldschool. Your entire library of comments anywhere and everywhere couldn't hold up to just one thread's worth of his.

  4. Choomin,

    You have not a clue how I feel even if you like to believe so. I have NEVER said anything close to what convey in your comments, even after being disparaged in full throat.

    Find ANY comment I have made where I have spoken to or about others like you. I do not call any person "a crackhead idiot who is prob a schizoid." That is you.

    Your to claim to be a non-racist is pure disinformation, as well, so typical of many who make similar claims against "racists" then act no better or even worse. You give anti-racism a bad name.

    I would leave up your remarks, however, because of what they show about you and to serve as an example of the hatred of some who only seem to have a problem when Jews, stand up for themselves against people that actually call for genocide and would practice it if possible.

    1. And for the record, here's self-proclaimed 'anti-racist' General Choomin's Daily Kos profile (a site from which he was, amazingly enough for anybody who knows Daily Kos, actually banned for being an antisemite).

      Here's a love letter he wrote in defense of Helen Thomas' despicable bigotry.

      Now excuse me while I go smoke some crack... ;)

  5. Isn't the broad implication of this piece that Hez is involved in large scale drug trafficking and that, therefore, the west should not be too quick to accept them as a legitimate political partner for discussions, or for anything else?

    It seems to me that this is your implication and precisely the implication that Choomin wishes to undermine.

    The context, of course, is within the question of why the EU does not consider Hez - apart from perhaps its military wing - a terrorist organization?

    In truth, I would consider allowing Choomin to post here so long as he remains respectful and does not engage in anti-Semitic / anti-Zionist hate-speech.

    I will give this guy one more chance - because I have these fab dictatorial powers! - and because it's important to be respectful toward one's opponents and because I think that we do ourselves a better service in considering their views in order to better understand how to respond to them.

    Y'know, if you've never looked at any Civil War letters between Yankee and Reb officers, they're very instructive. I mean that sincerely, because despite the fact that they were fighting for their lives, and their way of life, they remained exceedingly respectful toward one another.

    Doing so was a matter of personal honor.

    1. Choomin is merely here to run interference for his fellow Jew-haters of all sorts, as is his historical wont.

      That is his point now, that was his point yesterday, that will be his point tomorrow and that will be his point forever.

      He gets off on trolling Jews on the internet, while at the same time calling everyone who disagrees with him racists, in spite of the fact that his own putrid record of bigotry precedes him everywhere he goes.

      (not to mention his well-documented stalking habits - he even created multiple 'zombies' solely to stalk people on Daily Kos after he was, amazingly enough, banned for being too much of an antisemite even for the site which has done as much as any other over the past ten years to mainstream antisemitism)

      But beyond that, it's interesting to see him jump in here. Even if Hezbollah weren't involved in drugs, which they are despite what its apologists like to claim, for who knows what reason, I'd make the case that an Islamist terror organization such as this still isn't a peace partner of any sort, let alone a 'progressive organization' of any kind.

      The burden lies on its defenders to explain just why Hezbollah is indeed worth defending, and exactly why they do so.

      That's one question that interests me very much, for the record.

      "they remained exceedingly respectful toward one another."

      Now that his comments have been deleted, of course, the unfortunate fact is that the evidence of where he called me a 'racist' and a 'crackhead idiot who is probably a schizo' about 27 times, is now all gone.

      Respect goes both ways, and I'd argue that neo-Nazis like him have demonstrated more than enough times that they are incapable of giving same, therefore they should not receive it either.

      He's a one-man internet version of Hamas, if you ask me. They don't deserve 1,000 chances, and neither should he. They are what they are now, and they give no indication that they will ever change.

    2. (and when even "The Nazis were a blip" Meteor Blades agrees that you're an antisemite, that's when you have a problem...)

    3. Jay,

      I consider you a partner at Israel Thrives and if you are entirely offended at this man's presence I take it with a great deal of seriousness.

      What we can do, if Choomin will agree, is let him make his claims and then see if we cannot, in a reasonable fashion, address those claims.

      If he remains respectful and does not engage in anti-Semitic / anti-Zionism, then I want to give him a chance - but my suspicion is that he will not take it.

      You know this gentleman considerably better than I do, apparently, and you know that I consider you a brother.

      Let's see what happens.

      But I want Choomin to answer the following question, if he will:

      Given the fact that Jewish people are among the most persecuted people within recorded history - and given the fact that Jews suffered under the boot of Arab-Muslim imperialism as slaves and dhimmis for thirteen centuries - do you believe that we should be allowed a state on our historical homeland?

      It seems to me that if Choomin can answer that question in a reasonably fair manner then he deserves consideration.

      If he cannot then he does not.

      Let's see what Choomin says in answer to the question, if he is willing to do so.

      I don't really know this gentleman.

      He apparently knows me considerably better than I know him.

    4. I'm torn, Mike. I'd rather leave the call up to you.

      I'd take a person's history into consideration, and then decide whether they are worth having around or not. Choomin is a well-documented troller of Jews, but I do understand your point at the same time.

      Of course, since he just called me a 'crackhead who is also a schizo,' or something like that (in a since-deleted comment), while also at the very same time feigning outrage at one picture I took on a bus that I ride home every day through my neighborhood which I'd bet 1,000,000-1 that this liar has never even set foot in, I'd submit that to consideration as well...

      But whatever, I'm easy. ;)

      Your question is a very good one.

      Yes, let's see if he can answer that.

      Sure, I'm game.