Monday, June 10, 2013

The Party of Satan

Mike L.

The snippet below originally published by Jerusalem Post staff.

Qaradawi slams Hezbollah over military involvement in Syria, says group trying to sow discord in the Muslim world. 
The president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, who previously spoke in defense of Hezbollah and Iran, slammed the Lebanese Shiite organization over its military involvement in Syria, in an interview with Al Arabiya aired on Sunday.

“When Hezbollah was fighting against Israel, I defended it. I stood against the Muslim scholars in Saudi Arabia, the most renowned scholars who warned us against Hezbollah,” Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi said.

He said Hezbollah was the "party of Satan," in a reference to the organization's name, that means "party of God" in Arabic, and accused Hezbollah of trying to sow discord in the Muslim world.

He said Hezbollah was the "party of Satan," in a reference to the organization's name, that means "party of God" in Arabic, and accused Hezbollah of trying to sow discord in the Muslim world.
I always find it fairly amazing when the most obvious facts about the Middle East and the Arab war against the Jews go almost entirely unremarked upon by the mainstream media.  For example, one such fact is that in Syria we have radical Jihadis fighting radical Jihadis.

The first major gain in the rise of political Islam was the 1979 revolution in Iran.  Iran's ally in the region is Syria, despite the fact that Assad is a secular dictator.  Iran's proxy in the region is Hezbollah, "The Party of God," in Lebanon.   Hezbollah, much like the Muslim Brotherhood, is an Islamist regime.

The Muslim Brotherhood, however, is backing the Syrian rebels, many of whom are also part of the larger Islamist network.

Thus we have Sunni radical Jihadis fighting Shia radical Jihadis in Syria, yet this almost never gets referenced.

Also it should be noted, what kind of a "scholar" is it that calls one's political opponents envoys of the devil?  This is emphatically not scholarship as we understand it in the west.  No western scholar would ever refer to any organization as The Party of Satan.  In fact, any number of progressive-left western scholars, such as for example, Judith Butler, think of Hezbollah, and even Hamas, as "human rights organizations" fighting against western imperialism.

The United States should stay out of this civil war.  There are simply no good options here.  We cannot back Assad, because Assad has proven himself not a "reformer," as the deluded Hillary Clinton said, but a dictator willing to use extreme violence against his own people for the purpose of maintaining power.  At the same time the US cannot (or should not) support the rebels because a large percentage of them are radical Jihadis supported by the Brotherhood, which is the granddaddy of the radical Jihad to begin with.

It should also be noted, by the way, that more people have died in the Syrian civil war over the last few years then have died in the entire Arab war against the Jews since 1948.  In fact, were you to consider death counts in war throughout the twentieth century you would find that the Arab-Israel conflict ranks exceedingly low on the list with something over fifty thousand people dead, about two-thirds Arab-Muslim and one-third Jew.

Whatever anyone wants to make of the above facts, I just think that sometimes it is important to acknowledge the obvious.


  1. The Sunnis and Shiia have been killing one another for 1,300 years whenever it's convenient and there's no one handy for them to kill together. Occasionally they have banded together to kill Crusaders, Mongols, the Ottomans, the Germans, the British, the Jews and Americans. But that's not easy to do or few if any can be located they return to type and hack and eat one another. They always have they always will. In fact if you dig into history you discover that modern day Iraq was created hundreds of years ago from the 3 provinces of Mosul, Basra and Baghdad by the Ottomans as an inhospitable barren buffer zone to protect the Ottomans from the Persian Shia who they had beaten down in a minority but not quite exterminated. Better they had some Kurds, Sunni and Shia Ottoman subjects randomly killing one another on a small scale than have an unguarded eastern border with the Persians.

    Qaradawi had no problem prancing around Gaza with Hamas while they were openly backed by Hezbollah and Iran. Because situationally he could afford to do that when talking about his supernal Jewish enemy. You see the same thing in the Saudi Press which is happy to scream and pout about Hezbollah when it doesn't cost them anything to do so. And next thing you know if they really want to insult one another they call each other Jews.

  2. The thing Qaradawi's so mad about, the issue that makes him consider Hezbollah satanic, is that they're now engaged in a proxy war of one faction (Syria and Iran) against another, instead of murdering Jews as in the "good old days."

    It's consistent with Qaradawi's moral compass when you remember how that esteemed scholar of Islamic law ruled it permissible to kill Israeli Jewish women and children on the pretext that "they are all soldiers, in support if not actively so."

    The best thing to do with Syria is just make sure the sparks don't fly too far away from the works while you're sitting with a bag of popcorn at hand. And wish both sides equal success.

  3. This stuff is far away from America, and confusing. That is a major factor why it's not covered. Just keeping track of the names of the major players is hard enough.

    Not to mention the obsession with the domestic wars over 1984 in 2013.

    It does not mean, however, that so-called "educated" should be allowed to hide behind their ignorance when it comes to Israel and Jew hatred.

  4. There is not an iota of doubt that Hezbollah is an offshoot of the Zionists, Mike...