Friday, June 14, 2013

UN's Ban calls Israeli settlement plans 'illegal'

Mike L.

The snippet below was written by Michael Wilner of the Jerusalem Post.
WASHINGTON -- United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon remains "deeply concerned" over plans to construct hundreds of new housing units in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, his spokesperson said in a statement on Friday.

"These are unhelpful decisions that undermine progress towards the two-state solution," the statement reads. "They constitute a deeply worrisome trend at a moment of ongoing efforts to re-launch peace negotiations."
Could this not be any more transparent?
It goes like this:

1) The Obama administration calls for negotiations between the parties.

2) Israel agrees to negotiations between the parties.

3) Abbas refuses to negotiate until Israel does this, that, or the other.

4) EU countries, and the western left, including the Obama administration, blame Arab intransigence and refusal to negotiate on Israel and threaten dire consequences.

This is playing out just as I predicted that it would.
Yes, what a surprise that Ban Ki-moon is "deeply concerned."

What we are looking at is a set-up more or less engineered by the American administration.  They actually have the audacity to suggest that a few hundred "housing units" are sufficient to reasonably prevent the long-suffering "Palestinians" from accepting freedom and autonomy.

What a joke.

We are honestly to believe that the regional Arabs cannot take the Jewish heartland as a state for themselves because Jewish people continue to live there and thus build housing for themselves?  This is flat-out racism and the more that progressive-left Jews agree that other Jews should not live in Judea and Samaria, the more they justify the kind of Arab anti-Jewish racism that fuels this ongoing war.

We have got to stand up for the Jews in Judea and Samaria, because if we fail to do so we give credence to Arab racism against the tiny Jewish minority.  And it is precisely that racism that drives the never-ending oppression of the Jewish people in the Middle East.

If we will not stand up for ourselves, then just who the hell will?


  1. I wish I could avoid sounding like a broken record, but I really don't like where things are headed. The UN is not as worrisome as "our" President. On his watch, several stable secular dictatorships have already been turned over to Muslim fanatics, and Syria may be on its way down the same road. How long before a global consensus develops (with his backing) that Israel is a major threat to Mideast stability?

    1. And therefore so what? They hated the Jews before and wanted to exterminate us all but didn't feel it was politically advantageous to try. Whereas now they have even less capability to do so and simply exhibit more insane will.

      Egypt will socially unravel and economically collapse this year. Syria is no longer a country. Lebanon will likely come apart soon as will Jordan. Iraq is headed for civil war.

      The only wild card is Iran who will sell their new President as a reforming liberal to alleviate external and diplomatic pressures. But what they don't fully understand yet is that Obama is running out the clock anyway. It will be fascinating to see Iran go nuclear and all of a sudden Obama's deployment to Jordan will evaporate, the withdrawal from Afghanistan will be double quick time. Even Turkey will back off.

      But in terms of a strategic threat to Israel the rag tag failed states in the Mideast are no greater a threat than they were before. Unpredictable? Sure. But not more capable. It will take another 1 or 2 years of savage atrocities and genocides in Syria for things to settle down. The coming civil wars in Lebanon and Jordan will be.....local affairs.

    2. I'm suggesting a direct American government move against Israel. Obama is way out of control and is acting like he doesn't give a damn for American public opinion. He already has two high-ranking officials, Hagel and Power, who have suggested at least hypothetically, that an American invasion might be in order. His CIA director John Brennan once referred to Jerusalem, in a prepared speech, as Al Quds.

    3. Randall,

      American public opinion no, but surely Obama gives a damn about the Samson Option? Surely he and his officials aren't oblivious to the fact that Israel can't be conquered without incurring mushroom clouds on the conquering state(s)?

      Unless he's so reckless to the point of insanity, his appointments of Hagel and Power amount to saber-rattling. Which, unfortunately, with Israel's current leadership (you know, the kind that apologizes to Turkey's terrorist-flotating dictator), he may have rightly calculated to be enough to sway Israel to make foolish capitulations.

    4. Randall,

      what does "a direct American government move against Israel" mean?

      Surely you are not actually thinking of military action.

    5. t wouldn't be a called an invasion, it would be called humanitarian intervention, or multilateral peacekeeping, etc.

      I understand that it seems fantastic. But again, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Turkey have all been are are being transformed from secular regimes into Islamist strongholds in the space of a few years, much of it happening under the banner of democracy. How much of a stretch would it be for "our" President to announce that the I-P situation was endangering the world, and that therefore humanitarian "assistance" was in order?

    6. A very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very very far stretch. Please, let's try not to be the English, pro-Israel version of an Egyptian or Iranian conspiracy theory site.

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    And if the patio is in a Jewish town in Israeli-controlled Area C, the Los Angeles Times, The Economist, and most other Western news outlets will report it; the United Nations, the European Union and dozens of NGOs will rush to condemn it. But when Israel plans to build hundreds of homes for Palestinian Arabs… Not a word. Silence. Where’s the coverage?

  3. Ban Ki Moon's legal conclusion is far from a consensus.

    The Palestinians should understand that the settlements will continue until they come to the table. It's not as if the Arabs have have not acted historically to drive away Jews and Christians amongst them. Each day, their position gets weaker on the ground.

    Israel should annex what it needs of the disputed territory, leave the rest to the Palestinians, and push for the world to recognize a union of Palestine and Jordan as the Palestinian homeland.

    1. I don't necessarily disagree. Where does Gaza fit in with that plan, School?

    2. (the 'safe-passage' route thing, I guess?)

    3. Gaza would be included. They can figure out the logistics, but as a state Palestine would be subject to principles of state responsibility toward others.

    4. School,

      I didn't realize that you were leaning toward the Palestine = Jordan scenario.

      Since the failure of Oslo this idea has made some headway. I do not know how much, exactly, but some.

      My first concern would be with the fact that, as far as I know, Jordan has no such interest. This could only work if Jordan is actually on board and my understanding is that they most certainly are not.

      Am I wrong?

    5. Mike,

      "My first concern would be with the fact that, as far as I know, Jordan has no such interest."

      The Hashemite king wishing to cling to his throne is one problem, but even if he were out of the equation, The Palestine = Jordan solution would be rejected by the Arab settlers in Palestine themselves, for the same reason the two-state solution having them give up on their dreams of retaking pre-1967 Israel can't work: The purpose is not, has never been, to gain a homeland for themselves, but to take it away from the Jews.

      The fundamental error made by so many people—brokers, onlookers, well-wishers and do-gooders alike—is precisely this, the failure to understand that telling the Arabs they'll have to coexist with the Jews as independent people rather than dhimmi subjects is to be missing the point entirely. It's like telling Communists they'll have to accept the continued existence of capitalism for posterity. They can tactically hold back but they could never relinquish the ideal.

    6. If Israel declared its borders and recognized Palestine, then over time Palestinians would naturally gravitate in the direction of Jordan, and this could lead to establishment of a state that includes both.

    7. The 'Palestinians' can draw all the Israel-less maps that they'd like. Nobody is going to take them seriously on that, however, especially considering that if they tried to act upon their racist, genocidal fantasies and attempt to make their maps true, there would no longer be any such 'Palestinian' people to speak of by next week.

      And deservedly so.

      The 'Palestinians' are simply just going to have to learn to live with a free Jewish state, on a portion of our own homeland, in the midst of the racist, imperialist Arab colonies throughout the rest of that region.

      Boo hoo hoo, Ummah blahblahblah, too fucking bad.

      If this is too much for them to handle, and if this just blows their mind, etc etc, they can take it up with their sky fairy.

      They can ask their homie Mo' why the Jews keep kicking their ass, every time they try to assert their 'dominance.' And while they're at it, perhaps they can also ask their homie Mo' why they're not even man enough to let 'their' women walk around in normal clothing.

      The day of the dhimmi is done, as we say around here.

    8. If ISRAEL declared borders, then there would be a Palestine to recognize, and I have a feeling much of the world would recognize this as well. In effect, it would permit them to move on to other matters and to hold Palestinian to the behavior of a state toward other states. In other words, no more of the sympathy for the Palestinian plight and less tolerance for belligerence pretending to be resistance.

    9. Jay,

      "The 'Palestinians' can draw all the Israel-less maps that they'd like. Nobody is going to take them seriously on that, however,..."

      You'd be surprised how many people in the West there are who want the Jewish state gone. Those people are going to take them seriously. And I don't think they're on the political fringes any more.


      "...and to hold Palestinian to the behavior of a state toward other states."

      I'm not optimistic in that regard. Not at all. I see no reason why Israel declaring borders would change the world's abysmal standard applied to her and the indulgence to the Arabs.

      "In other words, no more of the sympathy for the Palestinian plight and less tolerance for belligerence pretending to be resistance."

      I believe the current situation will continue as long as the Jewish state exists in any form. If the post-1967 territories are no longer available as the pretext for making Israel the world's punching bag, the "Right of Return" will serve instead.

      As I told Jay, a game-changer may come but it'll be from a totally different direction, such as the solution of the developed world's problem of being dependent on Arab oil.

  4. **Ban Ki-moon remains "deeply concerned" over plans to construct hundreds of new housing units **

    Where are his concerns in regards to 1,140 new homes for Arabs being built in Area C near Jericho?

  5. Mike,

    This is nothing but kabuki theater. All this stuff—U.N. decisions, international law, the distinction between pre-1967 and post-1967 Israel—is just for the show. It's just for making it appear as if the conflict were about reasonable, debatable things like land-for-peace and compliance with international law. It's a covering.

    I've always had an inkling of this idea, but recently, after giving it a lot of thought and discussion (here and elsewhere), it seems so clear to me. This is a display; you go beyond the veil of the stage, you can see the players preparing themselves for the next round, to be played after Israel has foolishly succumbed to the temptation of believing the play to be all there is.

    The world has moved beyond this play; the only reason it's still being played is to get Israel to the desired disadvantageous position willingly.

    1. One might argue that kabuki is what some care about the most and are most adept at.

    2. No problem, Oldschool, and we could do well to drag things along by appearing to play; but let people not forget that this is a show and not the reality.

      I've expanded on this theme in my recent post.

  6. This is the somewhat laughable and inscrutable part of "The Two State" such and such. It implies facetiously that in theory both parties should agree to it but since they won't then Israel must be pressured to act unilaterally anyway. And that at the end of that vague process there will be 'two states'.

    All I've ever suggested is Israel take their own action as they see fit w/o any kowtowing to the Arabs or even acknowledgement that they exist at all. Simply take whatever actions are necessary and whether or not there's ever a 'Palestinian' state or there's ever 'two states' is absolutely irrelevant. Pull up the drawbridge and leave them to their fate.

    The first actions should be timelines that establish when all infrastructure services will be severed. All electricity, gas, water, sewer, phone, etc. With a firm date that the systems of Israel end for the 'palestinians'. All bills in arrears at that point will be written off by Israel. But all services stop at that point. Set a timeline where all other services such as road repair in areas A & B are cut. Then a set of timelines where all checkpoints except those on the Green Line will be closed, all unmanned berms destroyed.

    Set a series of milestones that establish coastal waters for Gaza with a demarc between Gaza and Israel where any Gaza people or vessels crossing that line into Israel will be arrested or sunk. But allow Gaza to create whatever buffer, e.g 12 miles or whatever, straight out from Gaza. At the same time wind down all cross border traffic between Gaza and Israel in both directions. Eventually it will be a hard border, like North Korea and South Korea and whatever the Arabs want they can work out or not, with Egypt or through their new sea lane.

    Any rocket or projectile from Gaza will be treated as an act of war and the response will be a random barrage on a civilian population in kind, one for one. Mail them the instruction manual for building bombshelters.

    End all restrictions on Jewish prayer at al Aqsa and the Kotel and if the Arabs don't like it they can close it off. Israel will make any engineering or architectural modifications on their side as they see fit. If the Arabs go nuts they can go nuts at the Dome of the Rock.

    Label ALL Israeli goods and services from Yesha with the headcount and currency weighted value of all 'palestinian' wages, etc. built in to those products and services at the same time asking ALL countries in the world to ask their own sub populations how they want the contents of their products and services imported into Israel labelled pending unilateral action by Israel, for example "From the illegally occupied Scottish territories", "The genocidal nation of Turkey", and so on.

    Then Israel needs to publish a list of names of people and organizations such as academics, NGO's, government officials, media personalities and so on who are specifically barred from entry into Israel for life, or in the case of an organization, for 100 years with a law that mandates that once on the list, a name can never be removed.

    Then Israel needs to announce that a permanent state of war exists between Israel and Syria, Hezbollah, Gaza, and Iran.