Friday, June 7, 2013

Samantha Power

Mike L.

Barack Obama has nominated Samantha Power for the position of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

This is Samantha Power:

She calls quite specifically for U.S. military intervention against Israel if Israel fails to do something or other, but it is entirely unclear just what that something or other is.

Thus, there is no doubt that, like Obama himself, this woman is clearly no friend to the Jewish State of Israel.

According to Karen DeYoung and Colum Lynch of the Washington Post:
In years past, she has written passionately about what she described as U.S. moral failings in Rwanda and the Balkans, criticized various administrations for refusing to “take risks” to prevent genocide and other atrocities, called U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon “disappointing” and Hillary Rodham Clinton a ”monster,” and publicly pondered U.S. military intervention in the Israel-Palestinian dispute.
It staggers the imagination that American Jews would support such a person, but then, it staggers the imagination that American Jews would support a president of the United States that is friendly toward the Muslim Brotherhood and political Islam.

This nomination is entirely consistent with Obama administration hostility towards Israel.  What I find most humorous, however, is the absolute failure of progressive-left Jews to acknowledge the fact that the current American administration is hostile towards Israel.

Do they need to be smacked in the face with a wet halibut?

What will it take?

On the other hand:
Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, said Power would be a powerful advocate at the United Nations. “She has seen evil at its worst,” he said, citing Power’s extensive writing about the Balkans, “and that has made her deeply committed to trying to prevent mass atrocities, which should be the top priority for the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.”
And this is where I put my sword down for a moment.

This is a woman who called quite literally for the military invasion of Israel by the United States if need be and Barack Obama has submitted her name for the post of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.  Yet, left-leaning American Jews, such as a Alan Dershowitz, support this nomination.

From a liberal perspective, Power may have much going for her, except for the fact that she, much like her boss, is hostile toward the Jewish State of Israel.

And this is the crux of the matter, is it not?

The western left is turning against the Jews and we have to acknowledge this, because it is vital and because it is before our very nose.

I do not have all the answers, but I know that we need to acknowledge the obvious and it is obvious that the Obama administration, and the progressive-left as a whole, has betrayed the Jewish people because it is in the ongoing process of betraying the Jewish State.

The western left is forcing Jewish people to choose between an alliance and friendship with our fellow Jews in Israel versus the progressive movement and the Democratic party.

If the Obama administration insists upon forcing that decision upon us then it is a very, very easy decision for me to make.

If I have to choose between Democrats and Israel then I will choose Israel any day.

The progressive-left and the grassroots / netroots of the Democratic party has betrayed its own principles and betrayed us in the bargain.

It is long past time to say goodbye.


  1. OTOH:

    Samantha Power gets early boost from pro-Israel voices

    Like many things, it's not so cut and dried.

    1. I think that we may disagree here, School.

      It is cut and dried.

      Whatever else this woman may think - whatever other positions that she may have taken on other issues - she has still called for the military invasion of Israel.

      For me there are no "ifs, ands, or buts."

      She said what she said and what she said was that the US should militarily invade Israel unless Israel does something or other.

      I do not care if this woman hands out candy to nuns and orphans on Sunday afternoons. What I care about is the fact that she is clearly out of sympathy with Israel and that this is entirely consistent with the Obama administration, more generally.

    2. Was simply pointing out that there is disagreement over her appointment, not all of it negative.

      There is a lot not to like about her, in terms of her postcolonial, postmodern approach. She may find the UN inhospitable despite this.

      Perhaps it's best to allow her to perform before conclusions are drawn.

  2. She famously shouted down a reporter who questioned her conclusion that a massacre had been committed by Israel in Jenin.

    In the meantime Obama is still attempting an end run around Congress to unblock hundreds of millions of dollars to UNESCO, in contravention of US law.

    In the meantime this week, the US 'accidentally' divulged some of the highest level military secrets in Israel by publicly posting the engineering details of the IDF's 3rd Arrow 3 missile base including structural details of the launch silos and sub surface (stuff you can't get from a satellite) structural engineering diagrams and specifications of the building materials and design specs among them, the requirement that the silos be EMP hardened.

    Meanwhile the Obama administration hasn't so much as commented on the announcement that Syria or Hezbollah has their hands on the Yakont Russian supersonic antiship cruise missile which is designed to extend coastal perimeters further than the distance from Syria to Israel/Cyprus' new gas field discovered in the eastern Med.

    In other DoD news this week the USMC ran the F-35C VSTOL through another round of carrier tests and discovered that even though they figured out how to stop melting the carrier deck from the jet's blast wash (it's the largest engine in a carrier borne plane, ever) theyre still burning up on deck equipment near the plane including control systems and electronics. Which means----that F-35 still will not be certified for smaller warships, amphibious carriers, littoral combat ships - basically anything smaller than the current super carriers. Which is only a problem tactically for the US but it will once again jack the price and slow down development.

    I think if Israel can survive the next 3 years of Obama most of the rest of the world will be falling apart at every nail and it will wind up ok for them.

  3. Obama will appoint his Portuguese Water Dog to a senior role soon. He's clearly trolling the world from the heights of utterly unaccountable unapologetic arrogance. This is what imperial contempt looks like.

    1. So it seems, Trudy.

      One thing that almost all of these high-level Obama people seem to have in common is a certain casual antipathy to Israel.

      Few of them, I feel reasonably certain - within the larger circle - actually perceive themselves as anti-Israel. Quite the opposite, I am sure, for many of them, including possibly Obama himself.

      It is, rather, that they come out of the post-modern, post-Vietnam, educational trend that tells the world that the Jewish State of Israel is a colonial and imperial endeavor of the sort that we are now leaving behind.

      It's an idée fixe that among progressive politicians tends to go unspoken, but that represents a backdrop as pervasive and uncommented upon as the wallpaper.

      They just know that Israel is guilty, despite the fact that they usually know very little about the long thirteen centuries of Jewish history under the brutal system of Islamic imperial rule.

  4. Where does the US administration keep finding these people?

    Sam Powers? Never heard of her before. Just like whatsisname who is now Defense Secretary. It seems all you have to do to get a high powered job in Washington is to have a record of heaving hair brained and offensive crap on Israel and the Jews within range of a TV camera.

    1. Though Power's not too well-known, she's been associated with the president since early in his first race. So she's not too much of a surprise.

      Hagel was the real "wtf is he doing here?" guy, imo. An already-retired Republican Senator from a Republican state, appointed after the president had already won his final race, I still can't figure out what advantage he offered, politically or strategically, in any way.

  5. Many of them come from a very inside 'think tank' called The Atlantic Council.