Monday, April 7, 2014

If there were cell phones at the Red Sea


from Israel Matzav....another funny.


  1. Laurie and I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier yesterday at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland. It's one of those old-timey movie houses with a chandelier and a balcony. They used to run vaudeville shows in that joint back in the Way-Old-Days. But, as I walked in to take my seat, after enjoying the shawarma from the food truck at the local farmer's market, I could not help but notice that seemingly everyone was staring into their hand-held devices.

    I think that I may be suffering from Future Shock.

    Does anyone here remember Alvin Tofler?

    He was well before my time... but so am I, so what difference does it make?

    In any case, I am still dinking around with computer issues. My old desk top just up and died and I am still now sometimes working with a combination of an unfamiliar laptop and the PS4 until I figure what I want to purchase.

    I will publish my next masterpiece within the next day or two, I am sure.

    1. Buy an ASUS Zenbook.

      I did great deal of research into it before purchasing one. I went from shop to shop asking questions and ended up on technical sites asking advice.

      I was tossing up between a Mac AirBook and the ASUS Zenbook. Every person told me the ASUS product was superior. A friend of my daughter, who does PC repairs, told me he has one and it's the best machine he's had.

      I also thought about the fact that if I bought the Mac, I would also need new software.

      Weight and battery life if not plugged in was another factor. It is slightly lighter than an iPad. On reduced power unplugged it give about 6-7 hours use.

  2. A Lenovo Ideapad Yoga is nice. It's a laptop and a tablet with a 180 degree flippable screen. Works well, fairly durable. The only thing that's a bit wonky is the larger than 'average' size of the external AC adapter. Feature wise it's like a Zenbook.

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