Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kerry Blames Israel on Schedule

Michael L.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Kerry's announcement of Israeli-Jewish blame for Arab intransigence in the so-called "peace process" is right on schedule.  Months ago I made the following predictions and hard-posted them on the upper-right side of Israel Thrives under the name Non-Peace Process:
1) The US and the EU demand negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

2) The parties agree to talk and then the PA, the US, and the EU demand various concessions from Israel for the great privilege of sitting down with the PA's foremost undertaker.

3) Israel fails to meet all the concessions, thus causing the PA to flee negotiations, which they never had any intention of concluding to begin with.

4) The PA and the EU and the Obama administration place the blame for failure at Jewish feet.

5) The EU and various European countries announce additional sanctions, thereby essentially joining the anti-Semitic anti-Zionist BDS movement.

6) Arabs seek to murder Jews.
We are now in stage four of the process, which if it unfolds as predicted, will lead to significant violence against Israeli Jews by Israeli and local Arabs.  This violence will be encouraged by the larger Arab world and their allies on the western-left.  As with the first and second terror wars (intifada) against the Jews of the Middle East, the progressive-left will largely blame the victims of that violence for the violence against them.  Furthermore, they will consider any measures taken to prevent or end that violence as a form of "Zionist aggression."

As noted by public intellectual, Paul Berman, in The Flight of the Intellectuals (2010), it was during the height of the Second Terror War, in the early part of the last decade, that we saw a sadistic ratcheting up of leftist screechings against the Jews of the Middle East.  In other words, it was at the moment that Jews were enduring serious violence against us that western "liberals" chose to affirm their moral narcissism, and righteous superiority, by blaming us for that violence.

Yitzhak Benhorin of Y-Net reports:
Speaking in a hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday, Kerry said: "The prisoners were not released by Israel on the day they were supposed to be released and then another day passed and another day – and then 700 units were approved in Jerusalem and then poof…"

Under the terms of renewed talks, Israel had promised to release 104 long-held Palestinian prisoners in four groups, while the Palestinians said they would suspend a campaign to sign up the "state of Palestine" for various UN agencies.

But as the talks stalled last month, Israel failed to release the fourth group of prisoners on time, and the Palestinians then signed letters of accession for 15 international conventions.
What we are witnessing are the relatively early stages of the Obama administration's process of blaming Israel for the failure of negotiations.  It was obvious, given the history of the regional Arabs, and the inherent anti-Jewish racism embedded within Islam, that they would never agree to Jewish autonomy on historically Jewish land.

So, now, as predicted, Kerry is blaming the failure of talks primarily on Israeli Jews.  He does so because his boss does so for ideological reasons and they are both now sending an inevitable message to the Europeans - if not explicitly, then implicitly - to get on with BDS.

What we can expect to see in the coming months is an increase in anti-Israel / anti-Jewish rhetoric, activity, and violence throughout much of the world, particularly the Middle East and Europe.



  1. These so called 'units' are to be in Gilo. Gilo has been part of Israel for 40 years and not even the Arabs want it, ask for it or expect it. But what this should lead to - is a statement by Israel that they can no longer deal with Kerry.

    (BTW in that same announcement Kerry stated that Iran is 2 months from developing a nuclear weapon. His words.)

    1. Yeah, the Iran statement is probably a veiled warning to Israel that it better co-operate if it wants American protection. Blackmail.

    2. In an semi not at all related front, the same could be said for Japan and South Korea. Obama may very well oversee the introduction of 3 new nations to the nuclear weapons club.

  2. Does anyone at this late date honestly believe that Barack Obama has any actual intention of preventing an Iranian nuke?

    I mean, is it still possible for full grown adults who know how to read to sincerely believe that the Obama administration intends to prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb?

    It's hard to imagine, but ideologues will believe damn near anything.

    So, what we are going to see in the coming years is a nuclear arms race throughout that part of the world. Neither Egypt, nor Saudi Arabia, is going to live in a Nuclear Persian Middle East without their own weapons.

    Obama is a disaster and the reason for that is because he is a weakling and not nearly so bright as they kept telling us that he is.

  3. Good idea. Hope they do it.

    "Israel mulls withholding funds from PA equaling amount paid each month to prisoners"


  4. John "Poof" Kerry. His new name.

  5. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-InG69dixCK8/U0Z_35LHjyI/AAAAAAABkKw/VuCsvvQNqIs/s1600/Kerry+kissing+Khameni.jpg

  6. " Multiple sources told the Washington Free Beacon that top Obama administration officials have worked for the past several days to manufacture a crisis over the reissuing of housing permits in a Jerusalem neighborhood widely acknowledged as Israeli territory.

    Senior State Department officials based in Israel have sought to lay the groundwork for Israel to take the blame for talks collapsing by peddling a narrative to the Israeli press claiming that the Palestinians were outraged over Israeli settlements, the Free Beacon has learned.

    These administration officials have planted several stories in Israeli and U.S. newspapers blaming Israel for the collapse of peace talks and have additionally provided reporters with anonymous quotes slamming the Israeli government.

    The primary source of these multiple reports has been identified as Middle East envoy Martin Indyk and his staff, according to these insiders, who said that the secret media campaign against Israel paved the way for Secretary of State John Kerry to go before Congress on Tuesday and publicly blame Israel for tanking the talks.

    “The Palestinians didn’t even know they were supposed to be abandoning negotiations because of these housing permits, which are actually old, reissued permits for areas everyone assumes will end up on the Israelis’ side of the border anyway,” said one senior official at a U.S. based pro-Israel organization who asked to remain anonymous because the Obama administration has in the past retaliated against critics from inside the pro-Israel world.

    “Then Martin Indyk started telling anyone who would listen that in fact the Palestinians were angry over the housing issue,” the source said. “Eventually, the Palestinians figured out it was in their interest to echo what the Americans were saying.......... One former Israeli diplomat familiar with Indyk’s tactics said that he is a crass political player who has a history of planting negative stories about Israel in order to undermine the Netanyahu government and bolster his hand in the talks.

    “I’ve seen this before and see his fingerprints,” said the source, who referenced a separate story two weeks ago in which U.S. government sources implied that newly installed Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer was not performing his job effectively.

    “It’s certainly in Indyk’s interest now [to undermine the Israelis], but this was a game he also used to play when he was ambassador twice,” said the former diplomat. “This is part of Indyk’s playbook.”

    “There was only one person who would do this kind of thing and it’s Martin Indyk and his staff,” the former diplomat added.

    Another Washington-based source familiar with the talks said that Kerry’s peace team has a track record of trashing Israel anonymously.

    “It’s one of the worst-kept secrets in Jerusalem that Kerry’s team leaks anti-Netanyahu quotes and claims to the Israeli press—not that is should be a mystery why Israeli reporters based in Israel keep producing anti-Bibi quotes from ‘American officials,’” the source said.

    “But just imagine the outrage if the roles were reversed and Bibi had a team on the ground in D.C. trashing Obama to the Washington Post on background,” the source said.”


  7. "Poof the Clueless Kerry, traveled overseas, And frolicked in the springlike mist in a land called Iz-Ra-Lee,

    Little Barack Bama loved that rascal Poof, And gave him Secretary perks and other fancy stuff, oh

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    To Ramallah he traveled in his diplomatic ride Obamie kept a lookout back in Foggy Bottom’s tide, Arab kings and terrorists would bow whene’er he came, Abbas counted chickens every time Poof squeaked his name, oh!

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