Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our Harvest is Your Heads

Michael L.

hand dogtags1In an April 24 piece for Palestinian Media Watch by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik we read:
A video broadcast on Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV yesterday shows actors playing Israeli soldiers entering the Gaza Strip, as a text on screen warns, "You will end up in Hell." One by one the actor-soldiers are shot in the head, after which a Hamas sniper collects all the dog tags of the killed soldiers. A text appears on the screen: "Our harvest is your heads."

Marcus and Zilberdik write:
Palestinian Media Watch reported that during Operation Pillar of Defense (20012) and the Gaza War (2008-2009), Hamas broadcast numerous TV clips celebrating the killing of Israeli soldiers and civilians.

Although the world was surprised by the unity agreement announced yesterday between Hamas and Fatah, the official PA daily had already reported nine days ago that Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh announced a unity agreement was about to be finalized and implemented. In addition the Hamas head reiterated that kidnapping Israeli soldiers continues to be Hamas policy.
This is text from the official PA daily on April 16, 2014:
"Yesterday morning [April 15, 2014], Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of the deposed Hamas government in Gaza, said that the next stage would be the implementation of the reconciliation [between Fatah and Hamas] agreed on in the past, and the announcement of the end of the schism... Haniyeh emphasized that the next stage would be unlike those that preceded it, and would not [consist] of meetings alone, but of progress, through intensive steps, toward the completion of reconciliation and the implementation of that which has been agreed on. He [Haniyeh] added: 'The kidnapping of Israeli soldiers is part of the agenda of the Palestinian resistance and of the Hamas movement, and will continue as long as there are Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prisons.' [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, April 16, 2014]
Now, excuse me if I am wrong, but if Hamas considers the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers to be wise policy and if the Palestinian Authority is joining with Hamas in a unity government, would it not be basic common sense to conclude that perhaps Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah and the Palestinian Authority are not so interested in a negotiated conclusion of hostilities with a Palestinian-Arab state in peace next to Israel?

It says an awful lot about the current political moment that both the European Union and allegedly pro-Israel organizations like J Street are perfectly satisfied in welcoming Hamas into negotiations.  One does not make peace with one's friends, after all.  One makes peace with one's enemies.

Of course, throughout human history one generally makes peace with one's enemies after one either defeats that enemy or is defeated by it.  What we are trying to do with the Palestinian-Arabs is to get them to understand that their ongoing Jew Killing Policy is rather detrimental to their own well-being and the well-being of their children and that, therefore, maybe compromise is in order.

While we all understand that there is a long and honorable Arab-Muslim tradition of stoning Jews and chasing them through the streets and rioting against us, I would ask those who are inclined to keep that tradition alive in places like Jerusalem or upon the Temple Mount to reconsider what is in their own best interest.  I would particularly encourage their parents to reconsider just what they may be teaching their children about Jews.

When I was a kid my parents encouraged my brothers, and sister, and I to take up worthy professions.  Most of my Jewish friends, typically enough, became professional people.  What our parents never suggested to us is that it would be worthwhile, and morally uplifting, to go find some Arabs or some Muslims and beat them up as just recently happened to a young Israeli on the streets of Berlin by a gang of Arab-Palestinian thugs.

And certainly, of course, they never in their wildest dreams thought that strapping a belt full of explosives and shrapnel onto their kid and have him trundled off to the nearest pizza parlor was a very good idea.

What many on the Left need to understand - including very many Jewish "progressives" - is that Palestinian-Arab violence against Jews is not because Jews are mean to Arabs, as they perpetually tell us on places like Daily Kos and the UK Guardian and the Huffington Post.  Arab domination of, and violence toward, Jews has been incessant since Muhammad's armies captured Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria in the 7th century.

It was when we finally freed ourselves via the rise of the movement for Jewish liberation (Zionism) that the Arabs launched a war against the tiny Jewish minority in the Middle East that continues to this day.  Westerners who portray the Long Arab War against the Jews as a matter of "resistance" are actually fighting, whether they realize it or not, for the reinstitution of submission upon both Christians and Jews in the Middle East.

The Jews are handling the rise of Jihad in the region quite well, but this is because they reside in Fortress Israel and are no longer a people without autonomy or self-defense.  Christians, however, in Egypt and Syria and Lebanon and elsewhere are under intense pressure from those of their Muslim neighbors who favor al-Sharia and who are often more than willing to use ghastly violence against those Christians in order to force compliance.

So, the Jews of the Middle East have their back against the wall, but the Christians in the region are being chased out entirely.

Meanwhile, comfortable and safe progressive-left westerners think that the large Arab-Muslim majority in the Middle East, descendants of one of the great conquering empires in human history, are actually a weak and pathetic people in need of succor.

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