Monday, April 7, 2014

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Not a job for the faint of heart or for gentle types

I have to say, I am generally horrified and disgusted.

It amazes me to no end that non-Jews continue to accuse the tiny Jewish minority of the most heinous crimes possible.  Every generation some within majority populations start yammering at one another about how Jews are terrible people, killers, in fact, who love nothing so much as to murder innocent children.

In this generation, of course, we are supposed to believe that the Jews actually are as heinous as they have always told us we are because the IDF allegedly targets innocent Arab children.  In previous generations we were convicted of killing Jesus or creating socialism or creating capitalism or poisoning wells, thus bringing about various plagues, or using the blood of Christian babies in the making of Passover matzoh.  To this day much of the vast Muslim majority in that part of the world continues to tell one another that Jews are the Devil who must be destroyed.

And, yet, somehow, if we point this out it makes us the bad guys.

If we point to a youtube video of some imam screaming to the heavens for the blood of Jews, it makes us racist.

So, yes, I am horrified and disgusted - but, y'know, I am used to that.


  1. As expected, Kerry is blaming Israel for the talk's breakdown. Also, the Pals are asking Russia and the EU to take more part. Heh. Wonder why?

  2. Unfortunately, you don't have to go to that far to see such 'architecture.' Trenton, New Jersey, which I pass through on the way to work every day, is a particularly sad example of a once beautiful city wrecked by wholesale destruction of solid old neighborhoods replaced by horrid, monstrous brutalist commie boxes in the middle decades of the last century.

    It still boggles the mind why we essentially waged, and won, a world war, against communism, yet at the height of same adopted the worst of its architecture in so many of our greatest cities for so long.

    But anyway, I digress. Carry on, youze all...

  3. Boston City Hall - ugliest building in America?

    Then there is of course the classic example of the cruel joke that is the University of Wisconsin-Madison's "humanities" building. It must have been designed by a predecessor of today's hipsters with a quite keen sense of irony, since it is one the most anti-human buildings imaginable.

  4. Rumor has it that Frank Lloyd Wright once toured the somewhat less than beautiful San Francisco State University campus and he was asked how they could be improve the look of the place.

    He is said to have replied, "Trees. You need lots of trees."


  5. Dave's psychotic rant does serve as a useful reminder that Jew hate is not only found on the left. Browse the comments at Zero Hedge for ugly counter-examples.