Friday, April 25, 2014



  1. Sisters are coming down for the day.

    Lehigh Avenue Arts Festival, drinks and dinner at the unfortunately-named-but-pretty-awesome-beer-and-food-wise Sancho Pistola's down Fishtown (I think I'm going for the whole fish, Red Snapper I think, hopefully Veracruz-style?), and a stop at the casino for my one casino-obsessed sister (I hate casinos, especially Sugarhouse - this will be my first time ever setting foot inside there, but I'm only going to spend a few dollars on slots, slowly, and I guess have a beer or three).

    I've gotta get my baseball plans in order for the season. I'm planning to go to at least two Phillies games, probably much later in the summer; three or four Camden Riversharks (independent Atlantic League club in Camden, NJ - their tickets are so cheap it's irresistible) games, one Lehigh Valley IronPigs (the Phillies' Triple-A club in Allentown, PA) game, and maybe a Lakewood BlueClaws game (the Phillies' Single-A club in Lakewood, NJ).

    A Reading Fightin' Phils game (Phillies' Double-A affiliate in Reading, PA) might be a possibility, too, if I can work it in with a trip to Lancaster.

    I might as well hit for the Phillies organization cycle, eh? ;)

    The Williamsport, PA short season Single-A team and the Florida Rookie League affiliates are out or this year, though...

    Hope everybody's having a good weekend.

    1. It's been a long weekend here. Friday was Anzac Day, a very big deal around these parts and wherever else there are Australians. With Good Friday and Easter Monday also public holidays, and with perfect weather, its been great business for this little beach town.

      Good to see.

    2. I did some reading the other day about Anzac Day, which I'd never heard of before. Good to hear it's going well around your way.

      My work schedule drastically changes around (US) Memorial Day at the end of next month, after which point I'll be working rotating shifts, filling in for absences and sick calls, working weekends, occasionally being assigned overtime I can't say 'no, thanks' to, working doubles, etc etc.

      Pay, benefits and pension (an exceedingly rare form of retirement in the US anymore, especially for labor grunts like me) are worth it, though.

      Other benefits to my new schedule this summer will be random weekdays off, and more than a few three-day 'weekends' (okay, they'll probably be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but it's still three days off in a row, as part of my regular schedule!), during and over which I can spend a decent amount of time myself on Delaware beaches...

  2. Laurie and I are planning a trip to the Mount Shasta region of Northern California.

    I cannot wait. We're renting a sizable cabin in the iddy-biddy town of McCloud and having a bunch of friends join us for trout dinners, hopefully.

    I have to say, I just love that area. It's all pine covered mountains and rivers filled with rainbows and browns running through deep gorges.

    We try to get up that way maybe once a year and last year there was very interesting moment for me, personally. Normally people up that way fish either the McCloud River or the Upper Sacramento. On one particular day we decided to give McCloud lake a shot. At one point I had lost sight of Laurie and as I looked around I could see no evidence, whatsoever, of humanity.

    There were no houses on the lake or built structures within my line of sight. There were no people. There was nothing but this magnificent blue lake and all those pine trees.

    And I suddenly realized that I could not remember the last time in my life in which I was completely and entirely surrounded by nature, with no evidence of a human presence, whatsoever.

    It was a very beautiful moment.