Sunday, April 20, 2014

Time to Take Back the Temple Mount

Michael L.

mount1In the Jerusalem Post we read:
Two Border Police officers were lightly injured in clashes with Arab youths at the Temple Mount on Sunday morning.

The rioters threw fireworks and rocks at security forces upon the opening of the mount to Jewish worshipers. Police responded with riot dispersal measures.

Police arrested 24 people for disturbing the peace.

The Temple Mount was again closed to visitors following the disturbance.

Prior to the closing of the facilities Moshe Feiglin and hundreds of Jewish tourists visited the mount.

The disturbances followed similar violence on Wednesday at the holy site.
Enough is enough.

Handing the Temple Mount over to the Islamic Waqf was a monumental mistake by Moshe Dayan in dire need of correction.  The Muslim custodians have actively sought to erase any trace of Jewish history within Judaism's holiest site, they destroy priceless historical and archaeological artifacts, and they get violent at the sight of a Jew so much as moving her lips in silent prayer.

And this is within the Jewish State of Israel.

This is simply unacceptable and Israel needs to declare sovereignty over the Mount and release the Waqf from any administrative authority.  The Temple Mount should be open to anyone and everyone who wishes to ascend it for the purpose of prayer.

Period.  End of story.

Furthermore, the Jews of Israel should not be afraid of Arab-Muslim rock-throwers.

On the contrary, Arab-Muslim rock-throwers need to learn some fear of the Jews.


  1. Mike, are you suggesting that certain long-standing cultural practices, such as the stoning of Jews, are ones which we should perhaps not respect?

    This might be controversial in some quarters!

  2. Isn't it interesting, Jay, that generation after generation they tell us that we deserve a good beating, but in this generation they do not believe that we ever deserved our previous beatings, however we are told by heart-bleeders on the Left that in this generation we actually do deserve our beating because we are mean to Palestinian-Arabs.

    Every other generation we are allegedly innocent except this one.

    In this generation we actually do deserve it and this is what the Jewish people are told by large numbers of "liberals" and, yet, they still expect us to support them politically.

    It's fascinating, really.

  3. Seven rockets have been launched at Israel from Gaza today. That would be seven more individual Palestinian war crimes nobody really cares about.

    I'm waiting for the inevitable UN vote claiming Israel needs to reimburse terrorists for the missiles they're forced to fire...

  4. My plan would be to declare the land underneath Salisbury Cathedral in England to be sacred and holy Jewish land and that the cathedral must be demolish immediately or the fine people of England will experience JEWhad.

    1. Jewhad!


      You just made my morning!

      I can now face the day!