Monday, August 4, 2014

Arab Life is Dirt Cheap

Michael L.

Baseball1For at least ten years southern Israel has been terrorized by rocket-fire.

Kassams and Katyushas dropped like rain and nobody in the international community gave a damn.  The people of S'derot and Ashkelon saw their economies hobbled and their children grow into adulthood with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

It is only when Israel strikes back that western-leftists leap from their chairs and raise their fists and cry to the heavens about Jewish Israeli aggression and the murder of the innocent children and the racist "genocide" of the local Arabs.

This is why the Hamas media strategy is so effective.  It plays directly into western-left inclinations to begin with.  Both non-Jewish westerners and Arab-Muslims understand that Jewish self-defense is simply intolerable and therefore they simply do not tolerate it.

In any case, Hamas' media strategy is very simple, but very effective.

It goes something like this:
1) Shoot at Israel from behind women and children until it must respond in defense of its own civilians. 
2) Scream to the heavens about Israeli aggression and genocide when it does respond. 
3) Let the western press and left-leaning politicians and activists and NGOs and bloggers run with the baton in the ongoing defamation.
And this is precisely what we are seeing right at this moment.

Hamas, in other words, is willing to see thousands of Gazans dead for the sole purpose of giving Israel a PR headache.

And this, my friends, goes right to the heart of the difference between us and them.

We love life and they love death... and they are certainly giving themselves enough of it.

The Arab Spring has turned into an Arab Hell.

How many are dead, now, from the Syrian civil war, by the way?



How many millions displaced?

Yet our friends on the left point their fingers at the Jews and tell us that we are committing a "genocide."

Have you listened to this young woman, yet?  She lives on the border of Gaza:

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