Saturday, August 16, 2014

Say "Hello" to the Islamic State (Updated)

Michael L.

This is what Raymond Ibrahim, perhaps the foremost scholar working on Arab-Muslim persecution and ethnic-cleansing of Christians throughout the Middle East, has to say:
The following video depicts the Islamic terrorist organization still popularly known as “ISIS” executing reportedly some 1,500 civilians. It is graphic, especially around the 2:30 mark, when the savages start executing the men (the women and children were herded and sold as slaves, sexual or otherwise).

Some things of note:

Prior to executing them, the savages of ISIS make it a point to humiliate their captives, slapping them, whipping them, and taunting them. This is a common theme and has appeared in many of ISIS’ propaganda videos. It’s meant to show the “superiority” of Islam, and the inferiority of those who reject it (or are not seemed Islamic enough, such as those being killed, as the word “apostate” was thrown out by ISIS).

During the executions, the flag of ISIS — which is really the back flag of Islam, emblazoned with the Arabic shehada, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger” — is always present, right next to those being executed. This is to stress the fact that they are being slaughtered in the name of Allah and his prophet. 

If you go to the 3:46 mark and observe that execution, it seems fairly obvious that it is, in fact, a child.

The rumors of child executions are not rumors.

This is no libel.

This is real.

And how it is that so many Democrats and progressives can put the Jews of the Middle East on the same moral plane as these people demonstrates a cognitive-ethical emptiness that is absolutely breathtaking.

In truth, I remain flabbergasted at the degree of contempt demonstrated by our friends in the progressive-left toward their Jewish supporters.  I find it disgusting, actually.

Jewish Democrats are afraid to stand up for their fellow Jews too strongly because they fear losing influence or, even, ostricism.

Isi Liebler, an Australian, has some words on the matter.

And how it is that if we are to be considered "good Jews" we must actually support those who sneer at our own people is beyond me.

By the way, my Sunday column for the Elder tomorrow is a book review of David Harris-Gershon's, What Do You Buy the Children of the Terrorist Who Tried to Kill Your Wife?

I liked it much better than I expected to.

And, yet - shocking, I know - I am still not satisfied!

I will not be around much tomorrow (Sunday the 17th) but I will respond to comments at the EOZ over the next few days.


  1. But it's not genocide. Because calling it genocide is western style colonialism pushing our agenda on their world. Or some sort of word salad. We can only call it genocide when Jews do something that has no resemblance to this horrible tragedy.

    1. It's a shocking video and I almost did not post it because it is probably too disgusting.

      But at the same time it is important to see who these people are and what they are up to.

      As for "genocide" one reason why they apply it to Israel and not to any surrounding peoples involved in far worse atrocities is because the point of the "genocide" defamation is to use the Holocaust as a political weapon against Jews.

      There's not much point in accusing Assad of genocide because it is highly unlikely that Assad would care.

    2. btw, if you really want to get a glimpse of who these people are go to 3:25 mark and watch for one minute.

      Then I want someone to tell me how it is that the real problem in the Middle East are the Jews.

  2. There are more of these on YouTube and I wonder why they haven't been reported? Normally stuff like this is taken down pretty quick smart when people complain as they are in breach of their TOS.

    I have downloaded it, if it is removed and is wanted at a later date.

    They people are sub-human. I don't think we have words for them in our vocabulary.

    This was on TV on Tuesday and is accessible overseas

    1. No people are sub-human, Shirlee.

      I share your sadness and frustration.

      But we must never step over that line.

      And I know that you know that.

    2. NO???

      These people are , though I don't class them as that even and I get really annoyed when people call them animals. Animal kill to eat and to protect that's all, not just for the heck of it.

  3. Looks like more than one of them are children, around that 3:46 mark.

  4. Nor will Western media worry about this. Grab yourself a copy of Lipstadt's "Beyond Belief" a seminal work in how the US media intentionally did not report on the holocaust. Western media is as agendized as any gaggle of violent retards. They didn't cover the Marxist civil war in Mozambique (1 million dead), they barely covered Biafra (Muslim genocide of Nigerian Igbo Christians), and they barely covered Serbian concentration camps like Omarska (just in case you were worried about 'balance').

  5. We have a discussion going on at present on JDU regarding the media.
    David Singer calls them Press-titutes