Monday, August 11, 2014

Obama Has Learned Nothing

Michael L.

zeroAs described in Y-Net, in a recent interview with the New York Times, Barack Obama said this concerning Benjamin Netanyahu:
"If he doesn’t feel some internal pressure, then it’s hard to see him being able to make some very difficult compromises, including taking on the settler movement."
I wonder what "difficult compromises" Obama has in mind?  Does releasing hundreds of terrorists and murderers back into the local Arab population so that they can be hailed as heroes count?  Or, was that just soo yesterday?

I have to say, I am just sick to death of progressive-left indifference to vital Jewish concerns.

Southern Israel was pummeled for over ten years with rocket fire and they said hardly a word in opposition.  Leftists often claim that those rockets were harmless, but they ruin lives!  The entire southern part of the country is constantly running into bomb shelters and these people who claim to be your allies could not care less.  Or, really, I should say was running into bomb shelters.  For now much of the region has been evacuated and for obvious reasons there is much reluctance to return.

So, how can Israelis in the south conduct business?  How can they work their farms?  How can they possibly live their lives while Arabs are shooting rockets over their heads and tunneling under their kibbutzim for the purpose of the murder and kidnapping of Jews?

And now we have a president of the United States who still seems to believe that the real problem is that Jews are living in the wrong places within the Land of Israel.

Barack Obama honestly believes that for there to be peace between the Arab majority and Jewish minority in the Middle East that what is necessary is for the Jewish Prime Minister of the lone, sole Jewish state to force Jewish people to not move into, or build on, the land of Judea.

Does this sound reasonable to you?

Because, I have to say, to me it sounds racist as hell.

Almost the entire Middle East is Judenrein and here is the American president insisting that Judea must be free of Jews to the extent that some worthless gangster-terrorist-theocrats demand that it be so.  This is the land where Jewish people come from and within the land from which civilization, itself, began.   Jews lived throughout the entire Middle East for thousands of years and now we are pushed into Fortress Israel as a matter of self-protection and Barack Obama thinks that we have not given up enough land.

What I say is that this president of the United States is a lame duck and, given his unconscionable support for Islamist groups like the Brotherhood, cannot to be trusted.

The problem here is not "the settlements."

The problem is 14 centuries of incessant Arab-Muslim Koranically-based hatred towards Jews.

That is the source of the problem and nothing else.


  1. I would say Obama's main bone of contention is that those troublesome Jews just won't bow down and obey him, Obama Lord of all we see. He's genuinely upset that it's a different country from the US and he can't directly send Eric Holder there to harass them.

    1. I wonder why he doesn't feel that way about other countries?

    2. He sees Israel as an easy target.

    3. What good is power if you can't abuse it? Everything Obama has ever said ever done is 100% strictly and solely for domestic politics. All those unfortunate swarthies out there are props for Brand Obama. His inner coterie may believe some of the nonsense they spout but Obama is a nihilist. The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Iran, Syria, Libya et al are sop for the elites and cheap seats. Here's a leader who gets up every day and surveys the political climate, weighing what will work for him today and tomorrow. This is why he appears to have a 4 day attention span. After a hundred hours of punditry he moves on to the next necessary manufactured catastrophe.

      It's easy to churn the news cycle over Israel. People are hardwired at this point to pay attention to it. It's a great bellwether for the masses because, like gun control, racism, abortion et al, it's not ever supposed to be 'solved'. It gets the angries out in the street to scream about something. Of course almost none of the people HERE screaming for another holocaust are residents of Israel or any Arab country so they have almost no effect upon anything. It's not as if the Jew haters are going to come around. And this administration exploits that.

  2. It seems just more of the same. The point of departure is to see the West as a negative influence, despite Western values, as responsible for creating our present evil, rather than what is inherent in human beings. Obama largely subscribes to this view.

    Israel is an extension of Western dominance and such an easy whipping boy, but focusing on Israel, Jewish Israel, and not others for intense criticism is discriminatory and antisemitic. Now the obsession is out in the open.

    Obama should stand proudly as an American, but I don't get the feeling he or progressives understand America in terms of what the world would be like without it and why so many try to come to this place they feel ashamed of.

    Reason and theory will not wake these people from their slumber, but events will, except for the truly indoctrinated. It's not enough to love the golden rule when others do not. Israel is not the only target and IS and Boko Haram help to show it and connect the dots to Hamas and the worsening conditions in Europe.

  3. This is entirely off-topic, but I cannot help but wonder if San Francisco State University is going to pay student groups that call for murder again this year?

    I am on the outs with one of my old professors, Dr. Fred Astren, over this issue.

    How insulated must one be not to recognize that when a university gives cash to student groups that call for political violence that maybe some in the regular community, including alumns such as myself, might not appreciate it?

    In truth, SFSU is one of the most racist universities in the entire country.

    I will never forget walking past Malcolm X Plaza (I shit you not) while the General Union of Palestine Students, in coalition with the Pan-African student organization, held aloft an American flag with 50 little Stars of David in it as a visceral warning to the tiny Jewish population.