Wednesday, August 20, 2014

God is Great Even During Gang Rapes

Michael L.

Our friends in the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq are so pious that they even pray to Allah during gang rapes.

The entire west should be outraged at what these guys are doing in Syria and Iraq and now they tell us that they are looking forward to attacking the United States and, although they just beheaded an American journalist, the western left still hates the Jews more.

It's quite remarkable, actually.

The Jews of the Middle East are, for the most part, bunkered down in Fortress Israel, doing their best to survive as the much larger malicious Arab population seeks to wear them down during an ongoing, and entirely unjust, war of attrition.

While the western-left ponders sanctions against Israel and considers hurting the Jews of the Middle East economically via an international boycott, the fun-loving guys in the Islamic State are busy raping and murdering and beheading their way throughout much of that part of the world.

But, hey, that is OK.

The important thing to remember is that they are not building housing for themselves in the wrong places.  Oh, wait, what are the restrictions on Muslims building houses for themselves, other than the normal bureaucratic whatever?

Ah, right, there are none.

Jews, on the other hand, are highly constricted in terms of where the international community and the Obama administration believe we should be allowed to live.  The Middle East is a vast land mass, but Jews can only live in a very, very small part of it.  Jews may live within the Israeli "green line," but that's pretty much it.  Actually, as far as the larger Arab world is concerned, even that is entirely unacceptable.

The Arabs, generally, do not believe that Jews have any right to live on their sacred, Allah-drenched land without demonstrating the proper submission.  Israel is, therefore, an affront, an insult to Arab honor, and for this reason Jews have been kicked out of every country from Egypt to Iraq to Syria.

Of course, Jews were not kicked out of Saudi Arabia because Jews have not been allowed to live in Saudi Arabia since that Muhammad guy killed a bunch of us there and laid down that decree.

There are, of course, a few Jews living in Iran and, by all accounts, they are the happiest people on the planet.  There are around ten thousand Jews in Iran and the great thing is that the Persians are so open-minded that they actually allow those Jews not only to live, but to live among them... so long as they know their place.

So, Muslims can pretty much live anywhere on the planet that they want to, so long as they can afford the price of admission.  This is emphatically not the case with Jews in the Middle East.

Jews are not allowed to live in peace, or even at all, in virtually any part of the area where Jews have lived for millennia.  While Eretz Israel is our patrimony, Jews have lived in the rest of the Middle East since long, long before Muhammad was even born.  But we are no longer allowed to peacefully live, or live at all, in Egypt or Lebanon or Syria or Yemen or Pakistan or Turkmenistan or any of the other Stans.

Therefore Jews live in Israel.  It is a tiny little country, but it is our country.  It is the country where the Jewish people come from and we are the closest thing to an indigenous population in that area.  Of course, Barack Obama is entirely opposed to Jews living in certain parts of Eretz Israel.  We may be allowed to live in Tel Aviv (and environs) and Haifa (and environs) and certain parts of Jerusalem, but that is pretty much it.

Both Barack Obama and his partner, Mahmoud Abbas, agree that Jews must not be allowed to live in Judea otherwise they are just begging for violence.

The problem with this picture is not that I have painted it, however crudely, but that the Arab-Muslim world, via the Pact of Omar, created a system of submission and contempt that has dominated the region since that Muhammad guy's armies marched out of the Saudi Peninsula.

The system is effective.  There was a time when almost the entire Middle East was Christian, but now the Christians have it worse than the Jews.  The Jews can at least protect their children.  The Christians, on the other hand, are subject to the tender mercies of their Islamic neighbors.

I wish them nothing but luck.


  1. It's two sides of the same coin. The left's paternalist support of Arab maniacs is a kind of white man's bigotry of the swarthies. Well you know how THOSE people are..... While their hatred of the Jews feeds into that paternalism with a blithe 'Why can't they pat those animals on the head like we do....?"

    1. Yup.

      What we are calling, today, "humanitarian racism" is really little else than the contemporary form of late 19th century white, western imperialism.

      It's white man's burden, Lloyd.

      That much of the left shares this bigotry is obvious, because were it not the case then they would not condescend to these people and treat them as little children who must be protected because they are not responsible for themselves.

      I find it disgusting, actually.

      The Arab nation is an exceedingly proud nation and it has every right to be. They conquered almost the entire Middle East and gobbled up signficant portions of Europe. These are not a people to be underestimated or condescended to.

      The difference is that as Jews we recognize a larger power as significant. Most non-Jewish, white anglo westerners, such as those in the United States, are accustomed to living in safety within the most powerful country on the planet. They are cozy and comfy and they project those feelings of invulnerability on to us.

      They think that living in Israel is like living in the United States except that there are Jews who are mean to Arabs strictly out of anti-Arab racism.

      In other words, they are morons and they represent a significant danger to the Jewish people.