Friday, August 1, 2014



  1. By the way, I cannot help but notice that they are no longer dancing in the streets of Gaza City and handing out candy or making that insidious three fingered salute in joyous celebration of the kidnapping and murder of three yeshiva students.

    1. Get ready for UN war crime inquiries into the Zionist theft of Gazan dancing and stealing candy from babies.

  2. Replies
    1. So are we, Nagaura, of course, and I do appreciate you saying so.

      Y'know, you are welcome to participate here.

      Let me put this to you and please do not take it as some horrible insult.

      I feel reasonably confident - in a broad-brush kind of a way - that I understand your position on the conflict considerably better than you understand mine.

      I understand the left-liberal position on the Arab-Israel conflict because I was raised within a left-liberal family and social culture and studied under left-liberal professors.

      In any case, we are here if you wish to engage.