Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sydney In Solidarity 3 August 2014


ABC news reported that 5000 people attended the pro-Israel peace rally in east Sydney and that organisers were forced to change venues to accommodate the unexpected crowd. There was heavy security.

The usual sunday pro-Hamas war rally in the City attracted about 3000.

If you watch very closely you should see Shirlee. She's the lady with the blue and white flag. 


  1. Wasn't there.
    A complete disgrace to hide us away in the ghetto. Bloody cowards scared of their own shadows. We need some leaders with guts.

    We should have been in the City for everyone to see us.

    I am fuming. Didn't you see my letter in the AJN after the first meeting was held in Central shul?

    We should not be hiding away
    ONCE again I, and many others, are ashamed it was deemed necessary by our "communal leaders" in NSW to hide us away behind brick walls in order to show our solidarity with Israel.
    What an utter disgrace and embar-rassment that we cannot hold our heads high and support our "family" in Israel. Our other major cities held open air rallies, why were we hidden away? Are we so precious?
    I was told "At the end of the day, the safety and security of our community are my responsibility."
    What gives this person the right to speak for 42,000 people? We aren't children. We have minds of our own. We can decide for ourselves what to do. Our young IDF personnel are dying in Gaza in order to bring peace and stability to Israel and we hide? We are the laughing stock of the Jewish world The internet is alive with this news. We are not in the ghettos any more. We said never again. Now it's time to stand up for what we believe in and who we are. Jews, proud honest and upright
    My father and others like him stood up to the Fascists in the East End of London in the 1930s, '40s and '50s. My father lived with death threats over his head, but he didn't hide.
    I think the backlash from this says it all - the emails, phone calls, comments on the web and, above all, the low number of people in attendance at Sunday's gathering.
    Randwick North, NSW

    1. Still, the Australian yesterday reported there were more 10 000 people at the Israel rally on Sunday.

      Remarkable if true. About a quarter of Sydney's Jewish community turns out in solidarity. Amazing.

    2. That is amazing and would never happen in the US.

      1/4 of the population?


    3. Came close once. Would be nice to have momentum like that back again, wouldn't it?

    4. I think that it would be nice if Arabs and Europeans treated the Jewish state like they treat every other country.

      That would be just dandy.

    5. Also, I definitely agree with Shirlee.

      What is the point of demonstrating if you allow yourself to be cordoned off in some unseen spot?

    6. Thanks Mike and I am far from alone.
      They only organised the rally due to the massive bombardment of emails and phone calls.
      It was organised to be at another park,still in the ghetto but in a more prominent place, or so we thought. The general consensus was for it to be held in the City like all the other rallies.
      But NO, they are a bunch of cowards afraid of their own shadows.
      Two hours before the event they sent out text messages saying the venue had been changed.
      No way in such a short space of time could they have set it up elsewhere.
      People are complaining about the security checks being over the top. No hand drawn placards only those provided.
      I am told it was beyond ridiculous and it has divided the Community.

      The figure of 10,000 is over the top. About 5,000 I'd say give how the media are prone to exaggeration . The pro-Gaza rally I went to on Sunday, Julie and I both calculated 1,500 to 2,000. The media said 5,000. The square was half empty, whereas in previous weeks it was jammed packed.