Sunday, August 10, 2014

Just When You Thought Islamists Could Not Get More Depraved ...


... or could not get more threatening. 

{Editor's note:  If you follow the link to the Australian you will have a better view of what the kid is holding up.  I do not recommend following that link because what he is holding up is a human head.}

This is an image that Australians woke up to this morning on the front page of the Australian, the Courier Mail and I guess other News Corp newspapers in other states. 
A boy, 7, believed to be the son of Australian Khaled Sharrouf holds the severed head of

While the world is focussed on the "genocide" in Gaza.

  The child is an Australian. He is  believed to be the seven year old son of an Australian born jihadist, Khaled Sharrouf, who is one of at least sixty Australians engaged in genocide in Syria and Iraq. The boy was raised in the suburbs of Sydney — He is seen struggling with both arms to hold up the decapitated head of a Syrian.
The  image was posted on Twitter by the proud father with the words “That’s my boy”. 
In the picture it appears that there is a queue of other kids waiting to take their turn to have their pictures taken.  Sharrof has posted other pictures of himself to his friends in Sydney with heads impaled on steel spikes. Some of his friends have sent messages of support and expressed a wish to join him in the fight. 
Australian security have been confiscating their passports. Sharrof had his confiscated but it has hardly grounded him. He got to Syria through Turkey on his brother's passport.  
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  1. This is so repugnant. That kid is ruined forever. Course it started the day he was born to that barbarian father. Religion of peace my ass.

    1. Ruined in what way, precisely? This is fairly normal by the standards of their cultures and societies. For instance just because we don't marry off 12 year olds doesn't mean other societies don't think it's entirely acceptable.

  2. Geoff, I have no idea what I am looking at here.