Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dkos? dHamas? Whatever.


doodad1You know I started calling dKos dHamas because of Kossacks' general support of that genocidal Jew hating group of terrorists lately. Well, forever, but even more so lately. I have also called the place an antisemitic swamp because, well, they are.  I've proved it, others here have proved it and lots of other people have proved it over the years.

Their latest foray into unabashed antisemitism comes with the news that Obama was refusing to transfer various arms because Israel had done some kind of end run. Naturally they are all thrilled that Obama has grown a backbone to stand up to Israel and that bad old Israel might run out of arms to kill innocent Palestinian babies, etc.

What really takes the cake though is their assertion that this proves that ZOG is REAL! Yep, that's what they say.
Excellent point MrJayTee. I hope we can all agree (72+ / 0-)

by now that the accusation of "Zionist Owned Government" is a totally invalid basis for labeling someone to be ant-semitic and HR'ing them.

The invention and propagation of ZOG as a criteria or HR and Bans has been one of the most flagrant abuses of or moderation and TU system I've ever seen.
The recs show how many approve of that crap. But, it gets even worse. Seeing the opening, some loser gets almost as many recs dredging up that old right wing conspiracy stuff about the USS Liberty.
Well, Israel already has bombed the U.S. (65+ / 0-)

But the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty didn't change a thing.

by expatjourno on Thu Aug 14, 2014 at 03:41:24 AM PDT
And so the antisemitism just keeps on a comin' at old dHamas.


  1. Not surprising. Even literal blood libels against individual commenters (I was accused of drinking the blood of Palestinian children) garner some support these days. It ended up just barely 'hidden,' but it received 3 uprates, 2 of which 'rescued' it from hiddens for a time.

    That comment from 'Hound Dog' is literally indistinguishable from what one can find on Stormfront.

    The 'rec' support says it all. Blatant antisemitism garners 70 - 80 recommends. I love how they pretend to be victims of a persecuted minority, too.

  2. There was a diary there the other day by a well known antisemite entitled: "Hey White Folks, You Need to Listen When People of Color Talk About Race."

    When Jews talk about antisemitism, however, this same person would dismiss it outright. No need to listen.

    It is useful to see how extreme these people, hiding behind their masks, are, especially when it comes to Israel. Would say the same things in public that they do in the secure, toxic environment they have created where pro-Israel voices are harassed and persecuted off the site. No need to listen.

    The obsession with Israel, unlike for ANY other state, brings forth venom saved only for the one Jewish state. It is clear discrimination, and prejudiced toward Jews.

    Clearly they believe that Hamas is better than Israel. Many probably think Hamas is better than America, too. The world they want to create will be far from Utopia, but a living hell.

    1. I particularly enjoy when they occasionally say things like "now I don't support Hamas, either," even after they spend hundreds of words and dozens of comments doing just that.

      CYA. I guess some realize that it's not completely cool to outright support genocidal terrorists, or at least not yet. An anti-Israel commenter there the other day told me that the phrase "Western civilization" is a racist, right-wing term.

      G-d help us all, indeed, if we ever end up with the world folks like him want to create.

  3. Doodad, please forgive my editing of this piece.

    I want to maintain a certain uniformity in the aesthetic of this joint. If anyone wants to know who uprated those comments they can simply follow the link.

    Anyways, I do not know what to think of the fact that Daily Kos is cool with the notion of a Zionist Occupied Government of the United States.


    It was not very long ago that this was considered totally fringe right-wing crazy material.

    Turner Diaries stuff.

    And, now, not only is it acceptable on Daily Kos, but it gets 72 uprates and not a single downrate, as of this writing.

    Times are changing, my friends, and we need to adapt with those changes.

    The main thing for American Jews, I would say, is to show the Democratic Party a little independence.

    I would also very much like to see Israel become militarily self-sufficient in terms of its hardware requirements. Why cannot Israel manufacture its own weaponry according to its needs? I feel pretty certain that it can and thus I very much believe that it should.

    The US has been a good friend to the Jewish State of Israel, but this is a very tough world and Jewish people cannot count on any country, including the United States, to look out for our well-being.

    1. Fully agreed with this -

      "I would also very much like to see Israel become militarily self-sufficient in terms of its hardware requirements."

      I'm far from an expert in these matters, and even though Israel punches far above its weight for its size in all matters, I believe I've read that it doesn't quite have the capability to completely, independently develop and maintain its own weapons systems totally on its own. At least not yet. Few countries do, though, and hence the global interconnectedness in the arms business.

      Others with more expertise can weigh in here, but it also sucks that Israel must plow back so much of the wealth it generates into self-defense against its crazed, genocidal neighbors.

      Will Israel ever get to enjoy a 'peace dividend' of its own?

      I think it will, once the oil runs out and terror states like Qatar are no longer able to finance irhabi maniacs like there's no tomorrow, but there's still probably another good 20 or 30 years until that point is reached.

    2. Jews are less enamored with Obama and Democrats than before, but reject the domestic stuff from Republicans. These Jews are not connected to being Jews as much as they need to, and therefore care more about the domestic stuff than the threat to Jews in Israel and elsewhere. Many do not believe or know of the antisemitism that is occurring.

      Israel can't do the planes and tanks, but it can help make our planes and tanks superior to the rest. There is a symbiosis that helps both sides. Iron Dome would not work without Israel's contribution, and one day we may benefit from the system.

      As Aaron David Miller said of Obama, "he's not in love with the idea of Israel," but the American people are. Israel needs to minimize the damage Obama has caused in anticipation of better times, where the president is not abashed about giving support for Israel and the common values it shares with America, not to mention leading an international movement to confront illiberality.

  4. "the accusation of "Zionist Owned Government" is a totally invalid basis for labeling someone to be ant-semitic"

    They've accepted ZOG as reasonable and therefore have turned the corner entirely.

    And if this is what it is like on a Democratic blog, what are things like in Europe?

    Jews in the US, Canada, and Australia are OK.

    Jews in Europe need to move.

    Jews in the Middle East have no choice but to fight like hell.

    1. 76 open neo-Nazis (77 including the guy who wrote it), and counting, now approve of that comment.

      That site's proprietor long ago made the wise decision to keep discussion of the Arab-Israel conflict off his site's front page, for reasons that should be obvious to any impartial observer.

      But that's no longer enough. As long as an environment exists there in which antisemitism is officially allowed to develop, they need to be exposed for just what they are.

      Which is a hate site, no different than if David Duke were to set up a blog espousing white supremacism, yet also allowing cooking tips and discussions of tax policy.

  5. Thanks, Doodad, for highlighting this comment.

    I think it pretty clearly demonstrates the exact turning point at which Daily Kos moved on from hosting a gaggle of frustrated Mondoweissers, to becoming a blatant antisemitic hate site which now accepts the historically deadly ZOG meme as 'mainstream' discourse amongst its participants.

    This comment will, from now on, pretty much be the nail in the coffin that I need to provide to local Democratic politicians who participate there, in demonstrating why they need not do so any more.

    There are still plenty of liberal blogs out there which do not openly embrace neo-Nazi ideology, as Daily Kos now does.

  6. FWIW Glenn Greewald blames the rioting in Ferguson Mo on.....the Jews and Israel.

    1. Greenwald claims to be a "right wing libertarian anarchist"?


    2. Greenwald isn't even original. The "Israel has militarized our police forces" is an old canard, and of course reeks of antisemitism. Some blamed Israel for the police response to demonstrations at the 2000 RNC here in Philadelphia.

    3. We need to get it through our skulls that the Democratic Party is no friend to the Jewish people.

      I used to argue that the problem was not so much with the national leadership than with the progressive-left and the grassroots / netroots. Now, what with Obama showing his true face since he doesn't need us anymore, I have to conclude that the problem has now oozed into the leadership, as well.

    4. Not necessarily the leadership. President Obama is a lame duck with only 29 months to go, and I don't see any other Democrats on the horizon with such anti-Israel tendencies. If anything, he's showing himself closer to the Paul-wing of the Republican Party than he is to the mainstream of the Democratic leadership.

    5. I hope that you are right, Jay, because this trend is getting more worrisome than usual.

    6. Greenwald isn't the only one doing it.There are a bunch of articles out there trying to equate Ferguson with Gaza and the protesting blacks with Gazans/Palestinians. They know their audiences. Over at dHamas a diary is up making the comparison and when some Pro-I's weigh in with differing opinion all heck breaks loose with accusations of trying to shut down the Palestinian voice. ffs

    7. And let me say I'm sure there are a LOT of people who would just love to turn even more black people in America against the Jews and Israel.

    8. They are playing to their audience, but what else can they do but try to hold on? They are losing everyone else, and showing themselves to be fools and intolerants in the process.

      When a normal person hears shrieks that Israel is to blame for this, it turns them away and reveals the intentions of the shrieker. In that way, it is good that they shriek, Greenwald included.

      Racemongers are among the worst, manipulating the ill informed and encouraging division in a society they hate, even though it provides their freedom to hurt it.