Monday, January 12, 2015

Jews Out of Europe

I am going to keep this brief.

The Jewish people need to depart Europe for places where Jews can live in peace and dignity.

The very fact that France would invite one of the premier terrorists in the world today to an "anti-terrorism" rally demonstrates this very clearly.

The Europeans, particularly the French and the Swedes, if not the Brits, are lost in a moral forest and simply cannot be trusted.

The Czech Republic is probably the best friend that we have on that continent.

As an American-Jewish admirer of the state of Israel I would like to see as many European Jews as possible make aliyah.

I do not know how much peace that Jews will get in Israel, but they will get the dignity that goes along with knowing that they are living as free human beings in the country of our people.

For Jews who simply want to live free, the United States, Canada, and Australia remain our best options.

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  1. Half of UK Jews polled see no future for them in the UK. 60% of all European Jews surveyed see little to no safety for them in Europe and likely would move given the right circumstances today. In the past 12 months 50% more French Jews made aliyah than Ukrainian Jews and the Ukraine is at war. Swedish, Danish and Norwegian politicians openly call for an expulsion of Jews from 'their' countries. Brussels, the home of the EU is 40% Muslim, there are more than 700 Muslim no-go zones in France and most of East London is a sharia-only district that has its own 'morality police' at the same time that British judges routinely let Islamic courts decide cases and or free rapists because and I quote "He's Muslim and so doesn't know that's wrong" unquote. The curtain is falling on Europe and it's time to get out while they can.