Friday, January 23, 2015

The Elder Chats with Yishai

Michael L.

yishai I do not know how many of you guys are familiar with Yishai Fleisher (pictured left) of Voice of Israel radio, but Yieshai recently spoke with the Elder of Ziyon concerning the Elder's possible role in CNN's release of long-time broadcaster, Jim Clancy.

Check it out.

I am very much a believer that pro-Israel voices must connect throughout the world.  For that reason I was pleased to hear the Elder speak directly to both American listeners and Israeli listeners on the Voice of Israel.

Fleisher, by the way, is one of those evil "settler" people that so many others despise.

In fact, worse yet, he is a religious Jew of American upbringing and education and married his beautiful bride in, or near, Hebron.

I like the guy.

I think that he's got guts and speaks well to an American audience.  He's got a twinkle in the eye, knows his material, and is passionate on the question of Jewish sovereignty on Jewish land.

He did an interview with Rabbi Golub of Shalom TV a few years ago that I found interesting and that you may, as well.


  1. He's great. I love that he exposed Jim Clancy. I said it before during the Helen Thomas fiasco; there are probably a ton of antisemitic "journalists," out there we never hear about til they go off the rails.

    1. I actually know nothing about Clancy.

      I never watch CNN and, in fact, I heard about Clancy's firing days before I realized that the Elder was potentially involved.

      It's likely the Elder will go to his grave never really knowing what happened in terms of CNN decision making... but I imagine that he will sleep well, anyway.

      Certainly, I would.