Sunday, January 18, 2015

Martin Luther King Jr Quotes 1020


  1. One wonders, would MLK have been smeared as an "Islamophobe" today?

    Perhaps he would have been relegated to the territory that many racist, privileged white-Islamist-apologists send Ayaan Hirsi-Ali to?

    Why are Black women like her ignored by so many 'liberals?'

    Perhaps 'liberals' like Timothy Lange would lecture down to us as to why Muslim women must submit to men in order to placate his guilt as a white liberal who something or other something or other something or other something or other, something or other...

    But the quote says it all.

    Who is standing up for Muslim women against the Boko Haram today?

    Hell, who is standing up for Ayaan Hirsi-Ali against her wannabe assassins, today?

    1. Some people like to think that if Martin Luther King, Jr. were around today he'd actually be Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

      I like to think that if MLK, Jr. were around today he would be MLK, Jr.

      Would he be a friend to Israel and to the Jewish people?

      I don't know, but he certainly was and I suspect that he would be absolutely appalled at the rape, slaughter, and oppression of people throughout the world under political Islam.

      I would hope that King, although a man of faith, would have stood with Ayaan Hirsi-Ali.

    2. MLK was a registered Republican. That must make Al Sharpton's head hurt.

    3. I would also like to think that MLK would have beeb MLK.

      And even if he wouldn't stand with Ayaan Hirsi-Ali, well at least I would.

    4. Well, Trudy, back then the Republicans were the anti-Klan party through much of the South, and in the north were, in most cities, largely the liberals, which would make Rush Limbaugh's head hurt.

    5. He also considered Richard Nixon a friend.

    6. And Richard Nixon was also the last liberal American president...

    7. Indeed. And assuming that, for the first time in my life, I'll actually get to vote for somebody I actually want to vote for (Feingold, Sanders or Sam Harris!), I'll maybe even be able to register my "anybody but Bush or Clinton" vote...

    8. And for the record, I'm all in for Russ Feingold. This needs to happen. I don't care that it won't happen. I'm going to make it a thing. ;)

    9. And if Mr. Feingold refuses my entreaties, then America is going to have to suck it up and deal with JayinPhiladelphia for president.

      And believe me, nobody wants that!

    10. Of course one wonders what if anything would have come of MLK in an era of 24 hr. badly built insta-news, amateur tweets and a generally drunk and disorderly media that isn't interested in the news. I really can't see anyone in MLK's base still having the attention span for one of his speeches.

  2. This is a mere tad of what Hunter S. Thompson had to say upon the passing of president Nixon:

    "When he arrived in the White House as VP at the age of 40, he was a smart young man on the rise -- a hubris-crazed monster from the bowels of the American dream with a heart full of hate and an overweening lust to be President. He had won every office he'd run for and stomped like a Nazi on all of his enemies and even some of his friends."

    He Was a Crook - HST

    I cannot even begin to tell you what pleasure it gives me to revisit this material.