Friday, January 9, 2015



  1. RIP all the victims in France. I wanted to write about it but couldn't seem to focus my thoughts well enough I was so upset.

    1. Yeah, I mean what can you really say? Aside from that this shit needs to end, now.

    2. The French need to end the occupation of the indigenous Arab population and Paris needs to be divided as a capital for BOTH peoples.

  2. Meanwhile, the clowns over at 'progressive' hate site Daily Kos have finally decided that it's now safe to crawl out from under their rocks and begin justifying terrorism and murder over cartoons.

    Here's today's number one 'rec listed' diary over there, you know they've been itching for this one. It's only a matter of time before others there chime in and further connect the dots to the appalling offensiveness of kosher food and living Jews, I'm sure.

    It sure didn't take long for those sick, twisted fucks to slobber all over each other's 'righteousness,' did it? Are the bodies in France even cold yet?

  3. What do they get out of this, Doodad?


    I mean, we know what the Islamists get out of this, of course.

    But what goes on the minds of their Western Useful Idiots at places like Daily Kos?

    Are they assuming that everyone is as weak and cowardly as they are, and that the West will inevitably be conquered? And that when we are, they're covering themselves now and hoping that when the time comes, some radical hate preacher halfway around the world will be checking archives of blog posts and saying things like "no, no, save Denise Oliver Velez, and David Harris-Gershon, and Timothy Lange, and Timaeus, and everybody else who rec'ed their comments and bullied others into submission and smeared them all as racists on our behalf while we were killing infidels over cartoons!"

    What is wrong with these people? How fucking dare they call themselves liberals?

  4. After scanning the diary and the comments it seems clear that the general thrust of the conversation revolves around allegations of racism toward Charlie Hebdo.

    The Kossacks would never in a million years actually claim that the victims had it coming, but that is certainly the implication.

    As for why? It is because political correctness trumps social justice or, as I recently suggested at the Elder's Joint, multi-culti trumps universal human rights. What they can never really seem to do is actually blame the perpetrators in an outright and unqualified manner.

    What they fail to understand is that the Jihad is the sword tip of political Islam and political Islam, like any political movement, is not above criticism, nor does it represent a criticism of Muslims as a whole or as individuals.

    Western-progressives will never speak out as strongly against Jihadi head-choppers as they would against conservative Republicans who, for example, oppose raising taxes. That is, I deeply question their sense of moral proportionality.

    In the mean time, deep in the comments we find this gem:

    If you are not comfortable telling women (5+ / 0-)

    to throw off their burkas, I'm going to be in some doubt about your ability to speak advisedly.

    Oh, yes. Yes, indeed. It is very, very, long past time we started interfering with the religious traditions of others.

    If you can't stand against, and advocate punishment for, those who conduct "honor killings", an abhorrent religious tradition of others, your ethics are unsound.

    If you can't stand against, and advocate punishment for, those who perform FGM, an abhorrent religious tradition of others, your ethics are unsound.

    If you can't stand against, and advocate punishment for, those who deny blood transfusions to their children, an abhorrent religious tradition of others, your ethics are unsound.

    And, of course, the reasonable person is completely aware that the list above is staggeringly abbreviated.

    If you can't state with any confidence that religious practices that negate the autonomy, dignity and safety of people are wrong, you have much thinking to do.

    by pasadena beggar on Sat Jan 10, 2015 at 07:37:32 AM PST

    Not all progressives have allowed themselves to be ethically drained by political correctness.

  5. I've been watching for just this, actually.

    For a while, people like the person whose comment you highlight actually made up the clear majority of comments there.

    I knew that sooner or later someone like Denise (for the record, I'm hardly surprised it was her) would break through the common sense and bring things back to terror-loving apologetics, I was only somewhat surprised it came as quickly as it did.

    I thought they would have at least had the decency to wait until the bodies were buried, before they started blaming the victims and excusing the murderers. Silly me.

    Now the real test is if people like 'pasadena beggar,' and the many others who were speaking common sense there prior to this nonsense, will push back against the idiocy of terror apologists like Denise (yeah yeah, she allegedly can't 'condone' murder and terror, though it's certainly not for lack of trying on her part... if only they could give her a little more to work with!)... and maybe even prove people like you and me wrong?

    I won't be holding my breath, though.

    Nope. Just like you say, sooner or later they'll all be back in lockstep, blaming the Republicans for these killings, and refusing to use their brains, etc etc...

  6. Perfect demonstration, btw, of the 'progressive' tactic in which the first person to scream "racist!" wins.

    If only the reasonable people there were smart enough to continually scream "racism!" at the terrorist murderers over the past couple of days, perhaps they could have won a rare one for reason there, before Denise took the apparent 'progressive high ground' back, in favor of Islamist racism and terror.

  7. (and for those who would counter that people like me regularly point out and expose anti-Jewish hatred? Yes, I certainly do that. I use my freedom of speech to criticize others' speech. I expose them as bigots. I do not seek to silence them, however, and I certainly don't kill people for spreading the blood libel, or blaming us for destroying the world economy, or for killing someone's savior or prophet, or any other of the million crazed conspiracy theories and hate speech we are regularly subjected to...)

  8. What they get out of it Jay is reinforcement of their pathological obsession with post-colonial narrative. Like "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

    1. Sharansky's article at Mosaic about post-liberal Europe provides some insight into the mentality.

  9. Watch VIDEO: French Muslim Children Cheer/Mock Gun-Firing Gestures/Thumbs up Outside Kosher Supermarket During Jihad Siege - See more at:


  10. "During the reportage of jihad siege and slaughter in a Kosher supermarket, Muslim children can be seen cheering, giving the thumbs up and making machine gun-firing gestures behind an on scene reporter. The only thing missing is the passing out of candies.

    When the cameraman realizes what is going on behind the reporter, he pulls the camera away. When in fact that should have become the story. That was the lede at that point.Jews were being slaughtered in cold blood because they were Jewish and these Muslim kids are cheering."

    Kids clown for cameras all the time but this is freakin' evil.