Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Obama Blows Off Holocaust Memorial

Michael L.

Writing for the New York Times, Rick Lyman tells us:
OSWIECIM, Poland — For what is likely to be the last time, a large number of the survivors of the Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz will gather next week under an expansive tent, surrounded by royalty and heads of state, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of those held there at the end of World War II.

“This will be the last decade anniversary with a very visible presence of survivors,” said Andrzej Kacorzyk, deputy director of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, which encompasses the sites of the original concentration camp, near the center of Oswiecim, and the larger Auschwitz II-Birkenau on the city’s outskirts.
The Obama administration is apparently unimpressed and therefore the US presence will be represented by Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew.

My guess is that Shaun Donovan, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, is probably too busy, so they're sending Lew, instead.  Or perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Jacob Lew's first name is - ya know - Jacob.
A preliminary list of those attending includes President François Hollande of France, President Joachim Gauck of Germany and President Heinz Fischer of Austria, as well as King Philippe of Belgium, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. The United States delegation will be led by Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew.
There I go picking on poor old president Obama again.

It's not as if a pattern of disinterest in, if not hostility towards, Jewish concerns has clearly emerged over the years... it's just that the man is busy.

Besides, Team Obama is not interested in Jewish concerns, anyway.  Why should they be when the American Jewish community has very clearly shown that no matter what Obama says, or does, in regards Israel or the Jewish people, they have his back?

If the Obama Administration wants to smack around Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, on the world stage for the terrible crime of accepting an invitation to speak before Congress, who are we to say "no"?  And for those of you who argue that Netanyahu's alleged breaking of protocol was a terrible insult, this is nothing but a negative interpretation after the fact.  First, we do not even know if Netanyahu did break protocol.  However, if he did break protocol, I will try to sleep tonight, anyway.

I am convinced that if Barack Obama went on national television and urinated on the Israeli flag while stark naked and, yes, singing Hatikvah, he would still receive at least a 67 percent approval rating among American Jews.

So, why wouldn't the Obama administration blow off the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz?

Let's just toss this on the ever growing pile of little things that we are supposed to ignore about this administration.

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  1. I'm of several minds. I didn't expect Obama would show even if he wasn't summoned to Saudi Arabia to celebrate the 17th century absolute monarchy that still effectively has slavery and only 'legally' abolished in 1962 even thought it continues out in the open today. I don't think we should expect Obama to partake of anything 'Jewish'. And for that reason I'm glad he didn't go and parade his cynical hypocrisy all over the place.

    He Who Is Who He Is just left India and there's two things he accomplished. He visibly chewed gum at their Parliament. And he lectured the Indians that their government is more or less trash because it hasn't caved to violent Islam, yet. And then of course because he's a thin skinned paranoid, he complained that Americans don't all love him and think he's Muslim.

    Meanwhile the entire proposition of Never Again, is, ESPECIALLY in Europe, some kind of fucked up joke. The French government just released a report on antisemitism in France and it's worse than it's been in 70 years. Triple digit increases in the rate of anti Jewish violence. Jews account for half of all targets of hate crimes despite being <1% of the population.

    Netanyahu's government is planning on being able to absorb 120,000 French Jews in a few years, a rate of 30-40,000 per year. And that's likely only to be 50% of the Jews who will want to leave.

    Over in Greece, the Nazi party came in third in last week's election and will form a coalition with the far far left wing who hates the Jews even more. The Nazis in Greece are led by a man who published a book that called for the extermination of all Jews in Greece. But the newly elected leader is an avowed supporter of Hamas.

    In Hungary the Nazi Jobbik party is the third largest constituency.

    55-60% of Brits surveyed openly and proudly espouse antisemitic beliefs. And a report recently concluded that a Jew in Britain has NEVER won a civil discrimination case against a non Jew. Not ever. Not a single time.

    So it's time to stop worrying about the bullshit hand wringing and sweet words at the gates of Auschwitz. Jewish civilization died there and we're only waking up to that fact today. For the million Jews who still reside in Europe it's time to go before they force you to leave or kill you. We don't need Obama there to guide us the way to Israel, a country he'd just as soon vaporize anyway.