Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Which Side?

Michael L.

This video is a production of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs which I just ran across at the Elder's Joint.

Israel often gets criticized for not defending itself well enough in the realm of public discussion.

Traditionally, the Israelis - unlike the Swedes - have a reputation for lacking the diplomatic instinct.

This is due to the fact that they live in the toughest neighborhood in town and until the West stops supporting the fascistic murderers around them, they have no interest in your opinions.

This video is clearly pro-Israel propaganda, but it is "good" propaganda in the sense that its claims are true and the larger picture it presents is also true.

Israel is a tiny liberal country surrounded by much larger hate-filled illiberal forces.

The choice should be easy for anyone not sympathetic toward the Jihad.


  1. Sympathy for the Jihad you say? How bout this:

    " In 2011, the United States consulate in 'east' Jerusalem (the one to which we all must go to register our children's births and to obtain passports unless you want to travel to Tel Aviv) signed an agreement with the Israeli government that said that it would only hire security guards who had served in IDF combat units. But there's a new security coordinator at the consulate, and according to former guards at the consulate (some of whom were fired and some of whom resigned), the new coordinator regards Israeli law as 'solely a recommendation.' The coordinator is training 35 'east' Jerusalem 'Palestinians' - some of whom have criminal records to act as guards for the consulate. This is being done so that the next time the consulate decides to go 'investigate' alleged vandalism by 'settlers,' they will have guards along who will be willing to open fire. "

    1. The Israeli government, in my humble opinion, needs to be more Zionist and more nationalist.

      Y'know, a few years ago I wrote a piece in which I said that I am not a "Zionist" in the sense that this is not 1934 and I am not draining a swamp in Israel.

      But Jewish nationalism remains important because the enemies of Jewish autonomy and self-defense simply will not leave us the fuck alone, no matter where we live.

      I am sitting half-way up a mountainside in beautiful northern California, but I have also received death threats and understand that those of us who stick our necks out do so literally.