Sunday, January 1, 2012



Welcome to 2012! Let's hope it is our best year yet. Of course, some things are not likely to be better given the so called Arab Spring. Let's look at what the Islamists are saying.

"Muslim Brotherhood: Israel peace deal isn't binding Leader in Egyptian Islamist movement says it won't recognize Israel under any circumstances, and might put up peace treaty with 'Zionist entity' up to referendum; 'Israel is enemy entity,' he says....'Israel is enemy entity' He stressed that under no circumstances will the Brotherhood recognize the State of Israel. "Is rising to power conditional on recognizing Israel?" al-Bayoumi wondered. "That's out of the question, no matter what the situation is. On no condition will we recognize Israel. It is an enemy entity, an exploiting, criminal occupier." According to al-Bayoumi, no member of the Muslim Brotherhood will ever meet with Israelis...."I won't allow myself to sit down with a criminal," he said. "We won't cooperate with Israel in any situation."

No real surprise there. Some of the MB have suggested a people's referendum about the peace agreement. Doubtless, given the overwhelming people's support for the Islamists, the Egyptian public would likely vote against the peace treaty. There is just that much hate out there. I don't think it would all matter that much in the long run. From all accounts their economy is so bad that they won't be doing much except begging other nations for bailouts for a long time to come. Welcome to the long Arab Islamic Winter, Egypt.

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