Sunday, January 29, 2012

In Praise of the Murderers of a Months Old Baby Girl


Relatives praise Fogel family murderer on Palestinian TV

During a program aired on Palestinian television last week, the aunt of one of the Palestinians who took part in the brutal murder of five members of the Fogel family in the West Bank last march referred to him as a "hero" and "legend."...

In response to the aunt's comments, the show's host said, "We also wish them (murderers) well."

The aunt went on to read a poem she had written in the murderers' honor, while Hakim Awad's mother sent her regards to her son and proudly mentioned that he was the perpetrator of the Itamar massacre.

Yes, how proud she must be.

And I know. I know. I know.

The problem is not with them so much as it is with me for highlighting this little bit of news. We're supposed to pretend that 5.5 million Jews are not surrounded by 300 to 400 million Arabs who do not want them there and that many of those are not more than happy to see them slaughtered.

If I say that, tho, it makes me a "racist" so it's better to pretend that it's Netanyahu's fault or Lieberman's fault or because Ariel Sharon was mean or because there are Jews who live where Barack Obama does not want them to.



  1. Karma, all this just makes me sick to my very soul. I am too stunned to say much else.

  2. When Laurie and I first landed at Ben Gurion, and I saw all those young Jewish kids with rifles, it angered me that they need to carry those weapons.

    It angered me that that country must remain in a defensive posture.I am proud of the IDF and proud of the Jewish state, but I am also mighty pissed-off that those 5.5 million remain under siege.  And, yet, the left tells us that it's their fault.

    Or that it is our fault.

  3. Israel is not absolved of responsibility. Its prosecutors were too cowardly and its judges too timid to seek the death penalty.

    If that was any crime that qualified for it, this was it! Can anyone on earth tell me one good reason the Fogel family mass murderers deserved to have their lives spared?

    I bet not!

  4. I am generally opposed to the death penalty and would prefer it if we had it nowhere in the US.  

    However given the recent Shalit deal (or "prison break," as the FresnoZionist would have it), Israel needs the death penalty for convicted terrorists.

    I almost hate to say it, but what other conclusion can we draw?

  5. The reason I am a retentionist is for a simple reason: I believe human life has an inherent value, a dignity that goes beyond any material description. It has an immanence, if you will. Murderers desecrate and destroy that immanence.

    That is why the vast majority of Americans support the death penalty. Not because we are cold-blooded, unfeeling and inhumane people but the exact opposite.

    I, too would prefer we lived in a world in which no one murdered a single human being, I would say, get rid of the death penalty. As long as the ultimate human rights violators stalk the earth, causing suffering and death, we need to keep the death penalty to affirm the dignity of human life.

    This is based on religious, ethical and humane principles as well as the belief that a society that executes murderers is renewing the world and ensuring justice under the law for every one. Those who take an innocent human life have no right to lay a claim to the protection of a civilized society.

  6. I have to say, although I disagree, I find thoughtful conservatism to be refreshing.

    The problem above, of course, is that with the death penalty must come the killing of innocents by the state.  This is inevitable and represents the trade-off.

    The reason that I cannot get behind the death penalty in the United States is because it is impossible to know how many innocent people would die.

    In Israel, however, the death penalty for terrorists is absolutely necessary so that Hamas or Islamic Jihad, or any of those groups, cannot commit another jail break as we recently saw with the Shalit deal... a deal that I favored, btw.

  7. Another piece of the puzzle as to why they act this way:

    "Text on slide at event:

    "Our children are our honor and glory,

    they were created to be fertilizer for the land of Palestine,

    and for our pure land to be saturated with their blood."

  8. Killing is always harmful and wrong. Killing a few murderers will not help anyone and will cause harm to Jewish people.

    This issue of punishing these murders is besides the point. The point is that the so-called 'Palestinian movement' is, in fact, literally, a Nazi movement, and was created to annihilate the nation of the Jewish people. Plain and simple. Jewish people need to start to comprehend this basic fact of reality and need to start to VERBALLY DEFEND THEMSELVES like normal human beings against intendedly genocidal racist lies.

  9. That is:

    Jewish people need to start to communicate the fact that the so-called 'Palestinian movement' is, in fact, literally, a Nazi movement, and was created to annihilate the nation of the Jewish people.

  10. Typo correction: "The issue of punishing these murderers is beside the point."

  11. That is, on the one hand, so Politically Incorrect that your average progressive would rather rip his tongue out of his face with his bare hands rather than say that aloud.

    It also has considerable truth to it.