Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ron Paul, Glen Greenwald and dKos, Oh My!


Over at dKos there is some pretty hot and heavy discussion going on about Ron Paul and why not? The guy's a scumbag and the antithesis to all things progressive. What is interesting is how most Kossacks are fuming about Glen Greenwald's take on Paul. Greenwald is no Paul lover but he has defended the guy and many of his positions.

One fine Kossack hits a home run when it comes to Greenwald's cadre of followers.

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I've never seen a fever swamp of left wing anti-Semitism like I've seen in the comments threads of a Glenn Greenwald post on Israel. All sorts of accusations of "Secret control" of Washington by hidden cabals, hidden money, AIPAC puppetry, etc. Claptrap about how politicians really don't want to support Israel, but hidden "powerful forces" make them. It's 1920s Henry Ford Protocols of Zion conspiracy theories about how hidden global Jews control America for Israel. Ugly, ugly stuff. While the American liberalism has about 2% crazed bigots, compared to the American Right driven by about 60-70% crazed racism and bigotry (in my opinion), there are no false equivalencies. But we do have bigots on the left, and Greenwald's toxic spew on Israel attracts them like flies. No surprise they gravitate to the left's version of Ron Paul, just as Klan types did to Ron Paul in the 90s.

by WinSmith on Sun Jan 08, 2012 at 10:20:11 AM PST [ Parent ]"

Naturally, along comes another Kossack to defend Greenwald and offer up the "you will be called an antisemite if you merely criticize Israel, " canard. Another antisemite apologist runs the halls of dKos.

"Greenwald is rational about Isreal (2+ / 0-) which is why he is called "anti-Semitic." Anybody who criticizes Israel, or the unfair sway it has over American politics is routinely called "anti-Semitic," even if it is a Jew who is doing the criticizing. And calling someone "anti-Semitic" in this context is beneath contempt, intellectually bankrupt, and downright scummy. This sort of name calling is probably what hide ratings were invented for. I don't believe in censoring even people who comment out of their butts, but maybe somebody else won't share my liberal attitude on this.

by recontext on Sun Jan 08, 2012 at 12:19:03 PM PST [ Parent ] "

The bottom line is this. If you want to find antisemites you can go to a fascist right wing guy like Paul or a Progressive like Greenwald. Or you can go to dKos and find, not a lot, but way too many, apologists for both. The fact that almost all of the very few replies to WinSmith's expose of Greenwald's antisemitism were in defense of the swine speaks for itself.


  1. Y'know, Doodad,

    I liked Greenwald back in the day.

    It seems to me that the failure of Jewish progressives like Greenwald or, say, Amy Goodman, is in the swallowing of left ideology over reality.

    Let's continue to talk about just how that is, eh?


  2. "left ideology over reality." I like that. Pretty apt actually.

  3. Doodad,

    I apologize for writing to Karmafish on this post that was posted by you. I just wanted to write this (previous) comment of mine on a recent post that I thought was related to what I wrote in this (previous) comment of mine, and I thought that this post was such a post.

    Good post.

  4. Dan, you post anywhere you want anytime you want! You are family as far as I am concerned!

  5. Doodad,

    Thank you very much. I appreciate it very much.

    Also, I just want to confess:

    I didn't notice that this post was by you before I posted my comment, and I didn't really read (fully read) this post before I posted my comment. I jumped the gun. I'm overwhelmed (largely because of my OCD, or largely by my OCD - and also because of the situation), and I'm anxious to express my understanding about the situation.

  6. We understand about your OCD. I personally have a few friends and relatives who suffer from it.

    What matters is that we hear from you! You add to our discussion and we appreciate it.