Monday, January 9, 2012

I'll See Your Hack and Raise You.


HA! Saudis and others were pretty pleased when some hacker published Israeli private information hacked from the net. Pleased indeed. But now, well, they had to know that there would be a tit for tat. Yes, some Israeli hackers have found Saudi info but instead of immediately publishing it, have morally given the original hackers a way out; stop doing what you are doing and we will not publish. Gotta love those Israelis. They also have plans to do more if needed, even if it is technically illegal. I'm sure that will loudly denigrated by the same people who found the Saudi's actions, quite alright.

Payback sucks, right?



  1. I love this kind of story.

    Thanks for this one, Doodad.

  2. Yes, thanks Doodad.

    This event (like every other event involved in the situation that Israel is in) reminds me of a racist anti-Jewish joke that I once heard, told by a character in a movie called "Sunday" (which is a joke that, in fact, is more aptly telling of the nature of anti-Jewish racism than it is anything else).

    I think that plot of the joke involved the throwing of a Jewish man into a pit with a lion, or with some lions. The punchline of the joke was: "Fight fair, Jew!"

  3. (OCD-induced) Correction (to OCD-induced mistake that I made):

    I wrote:

    "I think that plot of the joke involved..."

    Which should be:

    "I think that the plot of the joke involved..."

  4. Yes I've  heard the joke before in several versions. There really is a nugget of truth in it when it comes to the so called international community and their response to Jews defending themselves.