Thursday, January 12, 2012

"This is not the screed of an antisemite."


Just the suggestion of a Kossack and some of his fellows that the recent Iranian scientist assassination is not about delaying the inevitable but:

"It's almost as if the intention is to get the Iranians to fire a missile at an oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz which would cause a wider war... The Israelis would force us into hitting the Iranians, hitting back....The idea that Bibi and his hawklings would actually be trying to egg Ahmadinejad and Company into starting what would surely be a disastrous hell of a war, spreading through assets like the Kuds forces, Hezbollah and Hamas throughout the region, sickens me."

Uh, hey guys, yeah, it IS an antisemitic screed. That's why you denied it; because you knew it was. Nice try though. Too bad not one Kossack called you morons on it.



  1. At least one did:

  2. Glad to see it. Hopefully more will too.

  3. "The Israelis would force us into hitting the Iranians."

    5.5 million Jews telling 350 million Americans what to do.

    It's the same narrative from the early part of the 20th century.  

    It's the classic motif.


    The comments in this troll diary show continuing examples of the trope by Kossacks. Amazing how many racist morons there are there.

  5. AMEN!!!! And thanks to you and those others who braved the swamp at any time. You are my heroes.

  6. Not a problem, for a time I saw it as my duty...