Friday, January 6, 2012

Tunisians greet Haniyeh: "Kill the Jews!"


"From Point of No Return: Cries of 'Out with the Jews!', 'Kill the Jews!' greeted the arrival at Tunis airport of the Hamas chief in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, StandWithUS (France) reports. A few hundred people gathered on 5 January at the Tunis-Carthage airport to welcome Haniyeh. As they waited for him they sang antisemitic chants and slogans to the glory of Palestine and the liberation of Gaza. They carried Palestinian flags, the flags of the Ennahda movement, and the black flags of the Salafists. Ismail Haniyeh was arriving in Tunisia from Turkey for a two-day visit."

This is what "emerging democracy" looks like in the middle east. It will only get worse; everywhere the people of these countries have been unleashed to hate Israel. That's what democracy seems to mean to them. They are all Hamas now, to quote some crazy leftist Brits.



  1. "Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group which rules the Gaza Strip and has
    been moving toward a partnership with the Palestinian Authority’s
    ruling Fatah party, has openly proclaimed itself the Palestinian branch
    of the Muslim Brotherhood.....In meeting Haniyeh at the Brotherhood’s new headquarters’ building, the Brotherhood’s leader Muhammad al-Badi, said
    that Hamas had been a role model for the Brotherhood. While this might
    be mere flattery it might be noted that Hamas first won an election,
    then went into a coalition with a “more moderate” partner (Fatah), and
    then staged a coup to seize complete power. That’s an interesting
    precedent for Badi to cite....The Egyptian Brotherhood now leads an umbrella organization that
    includes Hamas; the Syrian and Jordanian Brotherhoods in opposition; the
    ruling party in Tunisia; the potential ruling party in Libya; and
    branches that dominate many Muslim communities in Europe and North

    That’s an impressive situation for a group that we have been told is
    weak. We are now seeing how we have also been wrongly told that it is

    We kept being told the wrong stuff. Hmmmmm....


    Brotherhood: We did not promise to honor Israel peace treaty

    Islamist movement denies US State Department claim it had promised to
    honor 1979 peace deal. 'No one has the right to speak for Egyptian
    people,' party official says.....The Muslim Brotherhood
    denied on Saturday that it had assured Washington it would uphold the 1979 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty.

     US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters
    on Thursday that the Islamist movement, the clear victor in the first
    round of elections for the Egyptian Parliament, pledged to honor the
    various treaties signed by previous Cairo
    governments, including the peace deal with Israel"

    WTF is going on. The MB tells us one thing; the Obama admin another.


    Sorry, here's the link

  4. "Report: Egypt demanding $500 billion from Israel for Sinai damage

    Egyptian media is reporting that Egypt has prepared a 750 page document
    detailing Israel's liability for damage done to the Sinai while Israel
    controlled it from 1967 to 1982.

    Rose El Youssef
    says that the report being given to the UN. It details how Israel
    supposedly ravaged the Sinai and hurt the Egyptian economy. It includes
    some 190 maps.

    Among the ludicrous charges:

    Israel destroyed the fishing industryIsrael destroyed 40% of the coral reefsIsrael took lots of oil from the SinaiIsrael stole 25% of the precious gems and marble, leaving worthless rocks behindIsrael took the entire contents of two gold mines, leaving nothing of value leftIsrael disrupted international maritime trade through the Suez Canal, depriving Egypt of revenueIsrael killed 250,000 (!) Egyptians and injured a million more Israel looted all Egyptian banks in Gaza the day before the Six Day War, in the "biggest military robbery in modern history"Israel stole priceless artifacts from Egypt's museums in the Sinai and gutted archaeological sites thereIsrael emptied out 30% of the fresh water wells in the Sinai, and
    placed there pipes that continue to drain Egyptian water towards Israel
    todayIsrael stole millions of tons of valuable sand, worth $49 billion in today's pricesIsrael used the Sinai to research desert agriculture Israel benefits
    from the research but the Sinai desert lands were weakened as a resultIsrael destroyed Sinai's wildlife and stole many exotic animals to make medicines being sold to EuropeIsrael shot down Libyan Airlines Flight 114 (that is true, details at Wikipedia; the plane strayed into Israel accidentally and purposefully refused to acknowledge the IAF pilots' attempts to contact them)And, of course, Israel destroyed Egypt's air force "for no reason" at the beginning of the 1967 war

    You can't make this stuff up. "

  5. This kind of thing should be of concern to any liberal worthy of the name.  Country after country in the Middle East is going Islamist, but the "progressives," as they relentlessly show us, simply do not care.

    This may be the single most important geo-political development since the fall of the Soviet Union, yet the left cannot bring itself even to acknowledge it.