Sunday, January 1, 2012

Why Support a Movement that Would See Israel Destroyed?


It simply makes no sense.

Progressive-left Jews support a movement, the progressive movement, that is also home to anti-Zionists who would see Israel destroyed as a Jewish state and the Jewish people, thereby, subject to potential genocide.

Why in this world should Jewish people support a movement that, ultimately, is indifferent to the fate of the Jewish state and that supports people who actively seek to undermine its well-being and, therefore, the well-being of you and your children?

It really is as simple as that, folks.

You can support Jewish sovereignty on Jewish land or you can support the progressive-left. You cannot support both because the progressives will not allow it. The reason that they will not allow it is because they also support anti-Semitic anti-Zionism as we see on a daily basis on Daily Kos, the Huffington Post, and the UK Guardian.

Day after day after day, the Jewish state comes in for a beating from our erstwhile allies. They do not criticize. They demean, defame, and demonize and they do so within venues that we are supposed to believe represent our friends and allies.

They aren't.

Jews supported and helped build the progressive movement from the beginning, but the progressives have turned on you and that is what you, at long last, must recognize. I know that it's hard. Friendships are involved. Long-standing commitments are involved. Job security, even, is also sometimes involved. But we cannot allow ourselves to throw Israel into the toilet because we do not wish to alienate fake friends.

The bottom line is that the progressive movement has accepted anti-Zionism and, thereby, rejected us.

That's a fact.

It's a sad fact, but fact it is.

And it is long past time that we acknowledge it, deal with it, and move on.



  1. Bullshit.  The anti-zionists have no place in the Progressive movement.  I reject their attempt to characterize their bigoted views as Progressive.  I have been fighting for years to make the Progressive movement a safe place for proud Jews who support Israel.  The Israel-haters want you to think that they embody Progressive values.  Don't buy into their lies and bullshit.  They are bigots, plain and simple, and bigotry is to Progressive as roast beef is to vegan. 

  2. Exactly, Doodad.  Anti-Zionism is, by definition, bigotry.  And bigotry has no place in the Progressive movement. Just because a bunch of mouth-frothing, Jew-hating bigots say they are Progressive doesn't mean they are.  You know how you can tell a bigot is lying? His mouth is moving. 

  3. Paul, the progressive movement is rife with bigotry.  In fact, the progressive movement of today is far more racist than is the right, but it's a racism of a type that is seen as acceptable.  In other words, it is acceptable to hold people of color to no moral or ethical standards whatsoever because in the eyes of the left they are like children.

    Further, why is it that Jews are the only people on the planet who it is ok to kick around within progressive left venues?

    Your movement has betrayed you, but you can't face it and I understand why.

    In the mean time, the movement and the party are bleeding Jews, as the polls consistently show.  Times have changed and it is time for Jewish people to move on, just as we are seeing.

    You guys can hang in there and hope for the best, but they will still kick you around if you dare to stand up for the Jewish state or the Jewish people.

    The progressive-left, and the Democratic party, is dead.  It no longer stands for anything, certainly not universal human rights, nor social justice, nor even common human decency.

    It's a shame, really, but it is important to acknowledge the obvious.