Thursday, May 3, 2012

Arabs Ambush a Children’s Bus in Jerusalem

Mike L.

A bus filled with children ages 3 to 13 was suddenly pelted with rocks and concrete cinder blocks hurled by Arab teens in Jerusalem’s mixed Jewish-Arab neighborhood of Abu Tur.

Progressives would generally have you believe that Arabs attack Jews because Israel is mean to them. That's essentially it, isn't it? Arabs attack Jews because they are allegedly suffering under the boot of a brutal "Occupation" (with a capital "O").

Therefore it is justified. Violence against Jews in the Middle East, if not throughout the world, is justified.

They may not say that outright, but whenever they make claims like this, that is the point. The Jews of the Middle East have it coming. Of course, this notion of Israeli guilt does not explain away the fact that these kinds of attacks against the Jewish population in the Middle East, all the riots, and murders, and pogroms, have been going on for centuries.

The Jews in the Arab and Muslim worlds have been, for the most part, under persecution for 1,400 years. What we are seeing in Israel is nothing but a continuation of that persecution, which is now justified by the "Occupation" (with a capital "O"). Never mind that all the "Occupation" (with a capital "O") is are the attempts by the Jewish population in the Middle East to stop Arabs from trying to kill them. That's why there are checkpoints and that's why they built the security fence.

Arabs, and their progressive allies in the west, interpret the self-defense of the Jewish minority in the Middle East as the oppression of the persecutors.

They seem to believe that the only moral Jew is a dead Jew.

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