Saturday, May 26, 2012

Daispora Jews Demanding the Boycott of Jews Born in the Wrong Place

Seriously, is there anything more disgusting? Can you imagine any other people on the face of the planet who would attack their own because of an accident of birth, no matter what they might perceive to be their politics?

What Isi Leibler said:


Diaspora Jews fall into an entirely different category. When they call for global boycotts of Israeli settlements, they are effectively promoting delegitimization and paving the way for broader boycotts. Besides, unlike their delusional Israeli counterparts, they are mere observers, physically unaffected by the negative repercussions of their actions.


Today, we are witness to a sea change in public opinion at the grassroots level, both in Israel and the diaspora, with a broad recognition that the current Palestinian leadership cannot possibly be considered to be a genuine peace partner. One can of course debate the pros and cons of this approach. However, to legitimize and describe as a Zionist, a Jew calling for a boycott of Israeli settlements, gives credence to activities which have the potential of impacting disastrously on Israel. There must be red lines. Many of us have reservations about diaspora Jews publicly condemning the democratically elected Israeli government on security issues but we recognize that in a democracy they are entitled to their views. But that surely does not apply to those directly calling for boycotts against sectors of Israeli society.

Exactly. In fact I would put it far more strongly than Isi Leibler. Far more. I would start with the phrase "sheer mindless gutlessness combined with wilful fuck you ignorance" and move on from there.

In the meantime demanding the murder of Israeli soldiers is now an acceptable form of Judge Stamped free expression in Australia. The Netzarim Junction blood libel has made it to the streets of Sydney thanks to a Sydney judge..


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