Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Debunking the Palestinian Lie

Mike L.

This says it nicely.


  1. This is a good, concise history that I suspect is relatively unknown to large segments of those who see things through the Palestinian narrative.

    It would be good if there were better ways to disseminate the information to the open-minded using means that do not turn them off.

    1. Turn them off?

      Will you elaborate, School?

    2. They don't like excess that gets in the way of communicating substance, and there is no shortage of folks that demonize and impugn the character of those with whom they differ.

      On the left, it almost seems pathological, but the right has plenty of actors as well, who treat matters as a zero sum game of politics between foes, rather than acting to implement better policies, irrespective of origin.

      That said, if the right was in control of the universities, would they be more tolerant or similarly dogmatic as the left has become?

    3. You are correct, I think. The left's hatred for the "other" is approaching the pathological. Just think of fizzik's response to Mimi's piece because she dared discuss Ron Paul in neutral terms. And that was coming from someone for whom I held respect. But when you consider the left, in general, and the various cognitive walls that they build up and the political figures whom they demonize, it does scream of a kind-of pathology.

      I suspect, however, that if the right controlled the universities they wouldn't be much better. We can't know that though, because it is counter-historical, but I suspect that it is true.

    4. It is unfortunate the extent of the kabuki.

      Experience suggests that activists have a singular purpose, to instill their agendas. All else is in furtherance.

      I work my way to understand tension between liberty and equality.

    5. The tension between liberty and equality.

      That is, in fact, the central tension of western and American politics.

      It's hard-coded right in the preamble of the Constitution in the reference to "promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty..."

      Liberty versus the General Welfare.

      Individual independence versus the common good.

      It's the same old fight, isn't it?